Spells? To Interpret

Are these spells or art? If they are spells, can you please interpret. Thank you.


The first one is a talisman for good health inspired by the Greater Key of Solomon.

The second one looks similar to King Solomon’s Seal of Safe and Easy Travel but not exactly the same (see below).
safe travel

Editing to add that I did a reverse image search on the second one. I found two pictures just like yours: one for an ad on Sears (weird, didn’t know sears sold pagan stuff :woman_shrugging:) and one for an add for the same two stickers on poshmark.


What would be the best way to use the talisman?


A talisman is an object that is used to bring about the intention that is imbued into the item. For the good health, for example, this would be used to ensure that good health is brought/maintained by the person wearing/carrying the talisman.

Most talismans are going to be things that you can wear (necklaces, rings) or carry (lucky rabbit’s foot, stone/crystals). If this is a sticker, you can put it on something that you carry with you often, such as the inside of a journal or notebook.

Since you did not create these, I would recommend cleansing them via a smoke cleanse (light an incense and pass them through the smoke while visualizing removing and negative and unwanted energy). The incense you choose is really up to you, I like to use sandalwood, jasmine, or frankincense. After you cleanse it, hold it in your power hand (generally your dominant hand) and imagine imbuing it with healing energy and visualize that the talisman will bring good health to whoever holds it. Continue to do this until you feel you have charged the talisman (I can’t say how long it will take, your intuition will tell you). Once you have done that, you are ready to put it on whatever you wish.


Im going to add to @Amaris_Bane wonderful advice and say Palo Santo is also a good method for cleansing items, rooms, etc.


Thank you for taking the time to give me such a detailed explanation.


I forgot about Palo Santo!


I like Palo Santo and I have some as incense so I will use that.


I completely forgot about it because I have used all my incense up, lol. I only have a few chunks of palo santo wood left at the moment and I’m hoarding those for when I do my full-house cleanse on the 1st.


On the 1st because it is the start of the month or for Lammas?


Because it’s the start of the month, is so I remember, lol!


I think I’ve seen the first symbol in Tim Burton’s Sleepy Hollow. In this version, Katrina practices beneficial magick and drew that symbol in chalk under Ichabod’s bed to protect him from the Headless Horseman.


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