📚 Spells8 Book Club! - Introduction and FAQ

Welcome to the forum, @Princess_Tara :heart:

I wrote a bit more in your lovely introduction post, but yes- you are very welcome to join book club! The current session (May 14 - June 11) will be ending tomorrow, but after a one-week review period, the next session of Book Club will launch :open_book: :blush:

Please keep an eye on the forum for the upcoming Book Review post, and the next Book Session post that will begin next Friday, June 18th!

Blessed be and happy reading! :books:


Thank you very much for your warm welcome and kind guidance about book club.

Looking forward to join the next book club on June 18. So, excited to jump in.



You are very welcome, Anu! I’m looking forward to reading with you during the next session of book club :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :books:

Love, Light, and Happy Reading! :open_book: :sparkles:


I’m kinda new. And trying to navigate a bit. Is this book club still going on?


@NoName hello and welcome. Yes they are still doing a book club. I’m sure someone will be on to point you in the right direction


Hi @NoName :wave:t3:

The book club goes in stages and our current round of reading is over. Now we’re in the discussion stages! You can find the discussions here → :memo: Spells8 Book Club X - Readers’ Reviews!

The next round of book club will begin on October 1st and will be announced in the #activities category :open_book:


Merry meet @NoName! :heart:

@Crystal24 and @MeganB are right on- yes, the previous session of Book Club just ended last Friday. Everyone is writing up book reviews this week, and a brand new session of Book Club will launch this Friday (October 1st).

You are very welcome to join in when the session begins! Looking forward to reading with you :blush::books:


Hi all! Hi @TheTravelWitch_Bry I would like to join the book club and I wanted to start with the study of tarot. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I have been getting advices from fortune teller for quite a while now. I wanted to know more about the subject. I don’t know

if I do it correctly. If I remember I should post an hyperlink to certify my entry… so there it is: 📖 Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE- Books, Tomes, and Tales

My book: “An introduction to the study of the tarot” by Paul Foster Case.


Hi @SingingWitch! Great book!

The challenge that you requested was closed, but there will be a Catch Up challenge in the future & this would make the perfect entry to use for it. The current challenge ends tomorrow morning at 7AM, I believe. You may have to double check that. :thinking:

It’s also a great entry for the Review, thank you for sharing :hugs:

The next book Club will start shortly & @TheTravelWitch_Bry will make a post with the template for the review that will be available to join. The current session just ended on Friday December 3rd.


Thank you @Siofra_Strega … I can’t wait to get through the details and know more about mediumship…

Glad to meet you!

P.S I ended the challenge today. Hope I got a review from you on the site. XO


Greetings @SingingWitch- you are very welcome to join Book Club, we’re blessed to have you here! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

The wonderful @Siofra_Strega is right about the challenge and the next session of Book Club: the next reading session will begin in just three days on Friday, December 10th- just a few days away, you have perfect timing! :blush:

At that time a new Book Club post will appear in the forum where everyone can share the books they want to read :open_book:

Tarot is a fascinating subject and that looks like a good book! I hope you enjoy the Introduction to the Study of the Tarot and can learn a lot more about the cards. Blessed reading! :two_hearts:


Best🔥 I am very excited to start this journey with you all…


I just got a new bible to study and it will take me some time.

But I’ll be excited to review it in a couple months when I read it in its entirety.

So much in here.



That is way over my head, Tem. I hope you enjoy it! It looks good!


Three books in one- wow, Tem, that looks amazing! :star_struck: I hope you enjoy everything the Three Books of Occult Philosophy has to offer- take your time with it, and please do share your reviews when you are ready! I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts about them :books:

Blessed reading! :sparkles:


Merry Meet.
I am very interested in the book club! I love to read. I have a few ebooks I want to get thru what fun :heart: please message Me the details! Again so excited!


Hi @CourtneyTann :wave:t3:

The current reading session has ended but a new one will start on the 14th. When that happens, a new post will appear that looks kinda like this one → 📖 Spells8 Book Club XIII (Dec 10 - Jan 7)

There will be a place where you can add in the book you’re reading and talk about it :blush: Right now, everyone is reviewing the books they read last session. You can read those here, if you’d like → 📝 Spells8 Book Club XIII - Readers' Reviews!


I just found the book club!! Im officially completely staying forever. You have everything one needs here at Spells8. Am I in? The Book Club? Or do I need to do something else to lick in my spot… did I tell you how excited I am. 15 year old girl/boy twins during a pandemic quarantine, to quote them: Bruh … not the book club types…


Hey there! There’s no requirements to read along with the book club :blush: You can find the current reading session here → :open_book: Spells8 Book Club XVII (Apr 29 - May 27) ← You can add in your current book(s) and give a review when you’re done!


Thank you so very much… did o tell you I was excited??:heart_eyes_cat::heart_eyes_cat: