📖 Spells8 Book Club XV (Feb 18 - Mar 18)

Wishing a warm welcome to all of the forum book-lovers!

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Thank you again to everyone who joined in for last month’s reading session (Reading Session XIV)

For those who haven’t yet shared their thoughts about their book (or anyone who enjoys reading book reviews!) you still have time to do so in :memo: Spells8 Book Club XIV- Reader’s Reviews .

As of today, the fifteenth book club reading session has now begun !

Spells8 Book Club

Time to read!

  1. Announce your book
    The first post below is an editable wiki post- add your book title and name to the list! (instructions below)

  2. The reading period is open for [[ 4 weeks ]]
    While it is great if you can finish your book during this time, it is okay if you break it into chapters or sections- do as much as you can and know that doing your best is always good enough!

  3. Share your thoughts
    You are very welcome to share any thoughts or tidbits while you read in the comments below or in a new post in the forums. But save the best parts for the final discussion at the end of the reading period!

  4. Final Discussion
    After four weeks, a discussion post will open encouraging all readers to share a review of their book and any personal thoughts they have about it. A mini-review is perfectly fine, and there will be a suggested format for anyone who would like to write a longer review.

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A note about sharing books:

While everyone is free to choose their own book, you may consider reading along with someone else ! It is fun to share thoughts and insights about different books and even more exciting to do in-depth about a book with fellow readers :handshake:

If the book you plan to read is already on the list below, add your name to the list of others reading that book! For books with multiple readers, a separate discussion just for you will open for you to swap thoughts and share insights.

Please keep in mind that everyone will reconvene for the final discussion, regardless of which book you read :books:

Not sure what to read?

You can find book recommendations in:

And also:

Reading on a budget?

Free online books can be found in:

If you have any questions about Book Club, be sure to check the Book Club FAQ and/or ask in the comments.

Blessed be and happy reading!

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~~ ~~ ~~ This post is a WIKI POST- it is editable by everyone! ~~ ~~ ~~

Please announce your books here :blush:

Book Title by Author
(@) your username

Out of respect to others, please only add/edit your own entry

  • Wicked Plants by Amy Stewart

  • Empty Cauldrons by Terrence Ward
    @MeganB, @Amaris_Bane

  • Trance-portation by Diana Paxson

  • The Táin translation by Ciaran Carson

  • Braiding Sweetgrass translation by Robin Wall Kimmerer

  • Witchcraft for tomorrow by Doreen Valiente

  • The Modern Witchcraft Grimoire: Your Complete Guide to Creating Your Own Book of Shadows * by Skye Alexander

  • Waking the Witch, Reflections on Women, Magic and Power* by Pam Grossman

  • Moon Spells by Diane Ahlquist @christine13

  • Psychic Witch: A Metaphysical Guide to Meditation, Magick & Manifestation by Mat Auryn @Amaris_Bane

  • Witchcraft for Emotional Wisdom by Paige Vanderbeck @Rowan

  • Palmistry or Chiromancy Explained by Riley Star @Rowan

  • Modern Tarot: Connecting with Your Higher Self through the Wisdom of the Cards by Michelle Tea


For anyone who has trouble with adding their entry to the wiki post above, here is a step-by-step guide on how to do so:

How to Edit a Wiki Post (with pictures!)

If you’ve read the instructions but are still having a tough time- no stress at all! For anyone who prefers, I am happy to add you in. Just write your book title and author in a normal post and I will take care of it :blush:

Blessed be! :heart:


I think I’m taking this 1 off until I get a schedule with my providers that works. But, I’ll be back for the next one! :books:


You’ve gotten through so many books lately, there is nothing wrong with taking a book-break, @Susurrus! :blush: Book club will always be here when you feel ready to jump back into reading :books: Good luck with figuring out your schedule! :pray::heart:


I’m excited to join this round! I’ve always wanted to join in but always realize it’s going on towards the end, lol.


Welcome, @Amaris_Bane! :blush: No worries at all- sounds like everything lined up for you this time, we’re very blessed to have you join in book club! :books: I hope you enjoy reading Psychic Witch ! :sparkles:


How is Psychic Witch so far? I’m thinking about buying this on Apple Books so I’m so curious how it is from someone who has it. Thanks!:blush:


I’m loving it. I’ve made it through chapter three which is about tuning in to your power. It has great information but also exercises to guide you through the principles he’s talking about. I’d say it’s definitely worth the buy.


@Janae_Rochele @Amaris_Bane Totally agree it is a great read with tons of solid information. Another good one is Witchcraft Therapy by Mandi Em. I read it a while back, should be in one of the earlier Reader Reviews for the Book Club. I absolutely devoured that book.
** Found the link to my review if you’d like to check it out.


Thanks, @Rowan! I’m adding that to my list now!


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Oohhh now I kinda want to read that first now. Hahaha so I’m just going to go purchase them both. Thanks loves!


Friendly reminder time!

:grey_exclamation: The current reading period will end in one week :grey_exclamation:

A Reader’s Review post will appear in the forums in one week for everyone to share their thoughts and see what other coven members were reading.

I hope everyone is enjoying their reading so far! I’m looking forward to reading everyone’s thoughts and learning about new books next week :books: :blush:

Happy reading and blessed be :sparkling_heart:


Today marks the end of this reading period!

A discussion will soon open up in the forum for everyone to share their thoughts and swap book reviews :open_book:

Please keep an eye on the forums for the soon-to-appear post! :eyes:

:exclamation: The few wonderful reviews already posted here have since been re-homed in the Readers’ Reviews post to make them easier to find!

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Didn’t finish your book or just got started ? No worries!

Feel free to share your thoughts so far and chime in on the reviews that your fellow coven members have shared. You may find a recommendation for a new book! :open_book:

After a one-week review period, the next reading session will begin: Next Friday, March 25th . Feel free to continue reading your current book into the next session or start a brand new book at that time!

Happy reading and reviewing! :books::blush:

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This reading session has closed- thanks for joining in! If you have a book review to share, please do so in the open Reader’s Review post. Any other non-review posts can be shared in the current Book Club reading session or the Book Club FAQ.