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Whoot! Got the book I wanted in there! I’m hoping this one is a good one!


@JoeyP I have a Kindle & the lovely @Amethyst had recommended a series type of 3 books. I enjoy those when one goes along with the previous & future books. Right now I am on Book 1 Celtic Magic. The other 2 books, just so happen to be the 2 deities that I closely work with on a regular basis. :hugs:

I will have to see if I can find this series also & add it to the ever-growing “Read in the Future” list I have. I’m going to have to go through what’s there to see if I can glean it down a little bit :laughing:


I hope that series is good! I’m wanting it for myself as well, it’s on my list!


Book Review.
I was not too interested in Celtic and or Irish This book primarily focuses on the history and legacy of the Pagan belief system. It discusses how this system was practiced in Ireland and Wales and outlines the Druids’ role in the faith. It also informs the reader about the key deities, tales, and myths in understanding the role of Paganism in Celtic and Welsh history. In this book, you’ll: Learn what Irish Paganism is Discover who the Druids are Explore different pagan feasts and festivals Learn the different branches of Celtic witchcraft Understand various components of Irish spirits and deities Master the art of performing Paganism and Druidry today Learn how to set up a pagan altar and the magical tools required to practice witchcraft Master simple pagan spells and rituals And much more! Are you interested in learning Irish and Celtic Paganism? If so, this book is for you. It is well-researched and provides all the details to understand this belief system.
Although I found it remarkably interesting, I’m happy with my belief system.

I remember reading a post for someone asking about Irish Paganism and I cannot
remember who.l If you see this, it’s a good read, sometimes wordy sometimes vague.
I’d give it a 6 out of 10 :star2:
I have a new keyboard and it’s so sensitive, it makes me want to spit.


I hope you don’t mind, Garnet, but I moved your post here to keep it in line with the rest of book club :blush: It’s interesting that you posted a review of this book! We were just talking about this author in one of Siofra’s posts and I’m scared to pick up this book :sweat_smile: Thank you for sharing, though! I might have to give it a read.


this is only my second review and I wasn’t sure where to put it.


I’ve got my fingers crossed for you too- may it be a great book for you, Amethyst! :partying_face:

Hahaha so many interesting books, so little time! :joy: I know the feeling well lol

Thank you so much for your review, Garnet! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: It sounds like it was an interesting read- it seems to cover a lot of ground and a lot of history. It’s always nice when a book does good research and presents a lot of various topics in one organized place. Your thoughts on it are very much appreciated! :heart:


I finally finished the book on Traditional Witch craft after reading it on and off and started a great presented book: A History of Magic, Witchcraft and the Occult by DK. So far a great book and love the overall feel of the book which for a change has many pictures reflecting history of witchcraft. Its a great read of you are looking for a history lesson in Witchcraft! :blush:


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I finished my first book for this one & I just started my second one. I have gone back to sort of reread Celtic Tree Magic for learning the Ogham & for Divination with the Ogham. It also goes into the Celts’ beliefs about trees & plants. How they are regarded & used within their practices. Both books are by Danu Forest who is a Druid Priestess. I really enjoy her books & their content.


Congrats on finishing Traditional Witchcraft! :tada: And I’m happy that you’re enjoying your newest read too- it sounds loaded with historical information, and who doesn’t love having an abundance of pictures!? :laughing: :+1: Sometimes I think I spend more time enjoying a page with a picture than I do a page of text- I always appreciate when books add in some nice art :framed_picture: :sparkles:

Happy reading!

You are truly becoming a master in your knowledge of Celtic traditions and spirituality, Siofra- I’m so glad you’re enjoying your studies! :blush:

It sounds like it was a pretty good book overall, although I can see how the reference table raised an eyebrow. I do the same thing- no matter how good the book is, if I catch one thing that I know isn’t right or is a mistake, I start to second-guess everything else in the book :sweat_smile:

Congrats on finishing and wishing you all the best with your new book! Happy reading :books::sparkles:


Thank you! I am so that way :laughing: But yes, overall it’s a good book & I enjoyed it very much for the information & exercises & other discussions regarding colors, candles, and tools, so I would look into deities more than what is said in this book. They have Brigid & the Morrigan, Macha, Badb, in correlation with so many things that are the same & at the same time the opposite that I found myself asking… how does that even work? That goes for several other Gods/Goddesses too. So I stopped about halfway through the deities’ correspondences reference table. :woman_shrugging: Then when I saw the bibliography, I was like well… we are 40 to 65+ plus years beyond that now so I’m sure thought patterns & information have been found & updated since then. :flushed:

I say that because for some reason when I woke up before the sun :sun: was even thinking about rising; my TV :tv: was on some kind of bible study show (???) no idea where or who or why… but it was definitely one from I’d say the 70s/80s that they show at no one is awake hours of the morning. This extremely early morning though, he was discussing pagans & how awful they were & obsessed with the dark parts of immortality while reading from the Bible about something (it was early I can’t remember the words but I remember seeing his finger following the words while he was reading the passages :sleepy:) & comparing it to different things, mostly differing beliefs such as all other temples, judas pagans, jewish, & just pagans (apparently each belief system had elaborate temples of worship somewhere…:laughing:) in general but there was another faith & I can’t recall it right now… I was like… whoa what in the old strict thought patterns show is this, but at the same time I was intrigued because he also mentions other faiths however, pagans were the most looked down upon & disliked among them. We are like the extreme no-no’s apparently in that time.

It went to commercial after that discussion & I changed the channel but I was honestly kind of shocked… at some point, this was a TV show & had a phone number & address for contact information on it somewhere in the Midwest*(ish)* area. People heard this, sat through this on the show, at home, and followed this show & a whole stigma was originally born from a region of people pushing their faith (which was a version of his) across Europe trying to wipe out anything different & versions popped up here through immigration hundreds of years ago of all kinds of faiths from all over the world.

  • (I’m seriously generalizing here because I don’t have the energy or spoons for a full-on discussion about the history of any topic right now)

Okay, enough rambling. :joy:


Thank you and yes the pictures are a nice change. I sometimes love seeing pictures in books it give me a real idea of what’s going on especially history since its so complex and all Can’t say so for my raunchy romance novels, as they can keep being all words as i don’t think other over-lookers would appreciate it at the coffee shops or other public places even here with the kids lol :sweat_smile:


I have started reading Wicca: Herbal Magic- A beginner’s guide to herbal spellcraft by Lisa Chamberlain. So far it is nice just to reintroduce herbs and herbal magick again to my forever changing craft. The book is nice and simple which for me is good as i tend to read heavy book which tends to drag on for a long time. Love the visual side of the book too. Would recommend this to beginners and older witches who just want a refresher.


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@TheMuslimWitch It sounds like you’re having fun with your herbal studies- I hope you continue to enjoy Herbal Magic! :open_book: And hooray for pictures- having the visuals really helps when it comes to learning herbs :herb: :blush:


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