Spirit of Amber!

Who has worked with amber? I have a piece a friend gave to me when my mother passed. It has a butterfly encased within. My mother loved butterflies! It is kept on my ancestor altar with my mother’s picture. :butterfly:


I appreciate your crystal postings. I consider this one of my weaker areas of knowledge so these videos are very helpful.


Awesome! Glad you are enjoying them. I was getting a ton of requests for crystal videos! There are certainly enough of them out there to keep me busy lol.


I love amber, I only have one piece. I did pay a pretty penny for it, so I think it’s authentic. Is there any way to tell?


AMBER!!! :heart_eyes: I know I have like four or five crystals I always say are my “favorite” lol, but Amber is definitely up there! There is something so soothing and warm about the golden colors, and the texture of the resin is really unique. Also the fact that there is so much of it here in Poland makes it something special haha :orange_heart:

I’ve got an amber bracelet I’ve been wearing for almost a year now- I never take it off! It’s one of the few crystals I am 100% sure is completely safe in water haha :ocean:

Pure amber is very lightweight and will float in salt water- but if it has any metal fixings, that method won’t work. Also fake amber is often plastic, which might float in salt water too :sweat_smile:

The best way I’ve found to check amber is by using a UV light (that bluish light that makes the color white glow). If you shine it on amber, real amber will turn green :green_heart:. This is the best way to tell authentic amber from cheap plastic imitations :+1:

Here’s a video about testing amber with the light: (the test begins at about 2:05)


Here are some other methods to test Put On Your Detective Hat: How to Spot Real Amber From Fake – Roma Designer Jewelry.


Thank you :pray: for the information on Amber @BryWisteria and @SilverBear :heart: