Spiritual crossroads

@Medea The challenge is really quite wonderful, I think for seeing our own growth and history , but also seeing all the amazing and varied paths out there. Wishing you all the best my lovely. Blessed be. :sparkling_heart:


Excellent advice, Megan! :infinite_roots:
My father tried to shield me and my sister from my mother’s religious beliefs, and when we are old enough, it will be our decision what our religious path we choose it to be.
Mote It Be,


I’m glad the advice has been helpful to you! I think that it may be more challenging to find beliefs or where you stand when you’re shielded from other ways of thinking for so long. It’s possible, though!


I am born and raised Christian, but not part of a congregation anymore. Also didn’t mix well. Let me ask you one simple question - why would you feel a need to choose just one? God(s) gave us such a beautiful, complicated world, where we don’t have to limit ourselves anymore. If all of us loved and ate only pizza with salami, there wouldn’t be enough of salami for all of us in the world. Some of us like pineapple pizza, others love vegan, etc and we still enjoy the same thing - pizza. Just with different variations. How neat is that? My understanding of our world and whatever we practice is much based on christianity and I feel great about it. I am curious of others though. You are open minded. It’s a blessing. Loads of hugs :sparkling_heart:


@tracyS who says u have to have one or the other? I struggled with being a witch and being raised Pentacostal, then i found out u dont have to choose. U can both. U dont have to negate one and embrace the other. I am by no means a Christian witch,nor am i a Wiccan. But that doesnt mean that i had to give up all i was taught and believe in.


@Mistress_Of_Herbs This is so true. I’ve embraced Norse Heathenism now but still love parts of my bible, and some of the values I learnt as a Christian. It’s nice that Paganism embraces all paths, sadly some of my old friends aren’t so open minded, which is a shame, so I can’t be as free with them as I’d like, lol, :person_shrugging: if one of them found out I’m a witch I’d get a crucifix thrown at me :rofl:, I still love her, it’s funny. We are so lucky here, in this coven, to have freedom and tolerance of all paths, it’s quite unique. I think the gods are cool with all paths , it’s people that divide. :heartpulse:


I think this is an amazing treasure! My sister is a medium and she says that both my great grandmother and grandmother were witches. I never met my great grandmother, but I could totally see my gram as a witch. She was also very Catholic, I think because she had to be to fit in. Anyway, I don’t really have any evidence except that my sister says… and I believe her! I would LOVE to find something witchy of theirs. I’m sure it’s all been thrown away or destroyed as they both passed years and years ago… but wouldn’t that be something. What a treasure!


Thank you and yes, it was a treasure I just wish I still had it I’ve said in a different post how my father shielded my mother’s religion history background her whole side of the family when my mom passed away she’s 54 years old and still had the BOS that’s all I asked of my father to give me from my mother and he threw it away.

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