Spooky stuff happening here

I am doing another cord cutting right now between me and my enstrange husband and things are getting weird.
My matches would not light
My incense would go out without burning
When I finally got match to light and placed them next to the wick the match would go out…did it 3 times.
My Ring alarm kept going off and there is no one there
The flames on both candle are going crazy flickering
I end up placing dragon blood incense in four corner of the of the candle
I sat my intention and my candle burning fast, his candle barley burning but there is a strong flame


That seems it would be distressing to me.

First, make sure your home is secure. And keep your phone charged and nearby.

Next consider if there could be any drafts or air conditioning vents creating your candle effects.

And you might consider a protection spell just because. I’m not trying to alarm you, just recommend that you take reasonable steps.


Greetings @elvelyn,

That does indeed sound distressing! I think @Undomeher’s advice is excellent- I would also suggest checking for any mundane disturbances first before considering possible spiritual causes. The suggestion to work some Protective Magick is a great one as well- an extra layer of defensive can never hurt! :shield: :sparkles:

If you find the situation where you are currently casting is blocking your magick- I’d recommend cleansing the space. If that is not an option, perhaps try casting in a different location where you feel more secure?

I know you are going through a lot right now with your husband and it may be that you have emotional turbulence interfering with your casting. Oftentimes casting while stressed or emotional can lead to unintended results (or preventing your casting at all). There’s more about that in the thread on Emotional Casting.

If you feel you are in a mediative/focused state and that these signals are definitely spiritual, have you considered reading the candle flames? Flame Readings/Pyromancy is a type of divination- you may be able to find some answers that way. If not, perhaps consult another preferred divination tool (such as tarot, pendulum, crystal ball, etc) to see if any messages are trying to find you :candle:

Wishing you all the best, Elvelyn! Blessed be :sparkles:


I would say ensure you have cast a circle or at least a mental one around you


Thanks everyone for their comment. I was able to finish the work and things calm down and all both candles burned down. I called in my ancestors things seem to flow better. I never had any issue like the ones I mention before but now I know.


I’m glad things calmed down and you were able to finish the spellwork, @elvelyn :pray: Hopefully whatever it was won’t happen again, but it looks like you now know how to handle it in case it does. Good for you- you are becoming stronger with each spell! Blessed be and happy casting :sparkles: