Spring Equinox Activities 🌻

Hey there! I just wanted to share what we did in my home for the Spring Equinox/Ostara. We celebrated on the 19th, the day of the astronomical equinox. We are also celebrating a bit this weekend in combination with my daughter’s birthday. Since we got thrust into homeschooling earlier than planned, I had already had some activities printed and ready to go for the Sabbat.

She’s going to be seven on Tuesday, so these were perfect for her. We talked about how plants grow and the different parts of plants. We talked about what an equinox is and why we celebrate it. We also took those little eggs, painted them with watercolor, then cut them out and hung them around the house for springtime blessings.

The sun is shining here this weekend and we might spend some more time outside. I’m having some trouble mentally and emotionally during this equinox because, while day and night are in balance, the world is not. And I’m also having trouble because this is the first time we’ve had to cancel my daughter’s birthday plans and basically not do anything with her friends.

We’re following the CDC guidelines that have been put in place, and she understands that people are getting sick so we have to stay home, but she’s still really bummed out that we can’t have her party. As a mother, this hurts my heart to see her bummed about it. But it hurts my heart even more to know that she understands the hurt that is going on in the world. I want to protect her for as long as I can, but I know that’s not possible.

We were able to get her a few gifts this morning, and she has some books coming next weekend that she asked for. We’ve told her that when everything settles down and life returns to a semi-sense of normalcy we would plan a trip for her birthday and celebrate that way. I hope that’s soon, but for now, I’ll just cherish the moments we do have.

In other news, I also had her spend some time outside on the 19th and take pictures of things in our yard/property that remind her of springtime. I wanted to share those with you, too, to bring some springtime cheer to everyone else. I also plan on having her write about springtime and what she enjoys about this time of year, and that will be a blogpost on my own website.

It’s funny to me to notice some of the things she took pictures of. She was especially proud of the picture she took of the sun, and she thought it was just the best picture ever. She’s also got pictures of the juniper trees that grow on our property as well as the crocuses that have popped up after the snow melted.

I enjoy being able to see life through the eyes of my child.


You live in such a beautiful place! Involving the kiddos has been refreshing and a little intimidating but, we painted eggs and made a bonfire all in the celebration of Ostara.


Wow, you’re daughter is so cute. I hate that her birthday has to be postponed. My bestfriend’s birthday was today and it had to be postponed as well. It’s good though that she got to see what one of our Sabbats is all about.


Merry Meeet! Welcome to our community! You will have fun here, lots of great witches, ideas and information! Blessed Be!


How awesome! . Just to see the world through the eyes of a child…

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Beautiful altar! Everything is perfect!

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Those look beautiful!

Since school has been closed, it has become easier to involve her in the daily things I do when she wants.

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