Starting a web site

I would love any and all input please!
First I’m going to give just ALIL quick bio of my background so you kinda know me:
First, I would like to say I got my first set of tarot cards when I was 12 years old. My grandma and my aunts we’re Wiccans as well…
I have been a stay at home mom for over 13 years now. I am a survivor from domestic, physical, mental/emotional abuse.
I fought for custody of my daughter.
My oldest daughter’s father passed away two years ago.
I am a recovering addict with 14 years under my belt.
I have RA, fibromyalgia, depression, anxiety, and ADD amongst other things.
Now, I kind of just feel stuck.
I know I can do so much more.
OK I’m sorry for ranting.
I thought that might’ve been a little relevant.
I started a .org a while back and never really went through with it.
I always put my family first. I’m a cancer, so it’s just comes naturally to me.
I’m making a Witchy Mamas club so to speak. I was wondering what people would like to see on there and knowing my history, if anybody would be interested in having that be a part of the webpage as well…
I’m just brainstorming and want to know where to go with it.
I wanted it to be for Wiccans, Moms, Females who need a save place (or anyone for that matter), etc.
The more ideas, the better please!
I just feel like I am at the end of my rope, and I need some thing of my own. DESPERATELY!
I appreciate everybody’s support.
I’m glad I have all of you to turn to. I don’t know what I would do.
Have a beautiful day!


First of all, I want to say that you are an extremely strong person for everything you’ve been going through and have gone through :pray: :sparkles:

I think I’m having trouble understanding exactly what you’re trying to do with your website… :thinking:

It definitely sounds like you want to bring some peace into witchy moms, women, and Wiccans and I think that’s a great idea! Do you have any other plans or aspirations for the website beyond that? I think that would be a great place to start :blush:


Hello @michele8!

It sounds like you are taking all of the wisdom you’ve gained from the challenges you have overcome to make a very helpful gathering place- your Witchy Mamas Club sounds great! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

If I’m understanding it right (and please feel free to correct if not!), from the post title it sounds like you are looking for ideas specifically related to starting a website- I don’t know too much about it, but I’d be happy to share what I do know in hopes of helping! :blush:

As you probably know from starting the .org site, maintaining your own website takes some time to set up. From what I understand in my own research, you need the design and webpage itself, a place to host it, then a domain name, and there will be reoccurring charges to hold the domain name and host your site.

There are basic website building sites (like and then more elaborate website builders (like Wix and that vary in what you need and how much you have to pay.

For me, I just really wanted a profile site- kind of like a digital business card. It turns out there are plenty of free (or very inexpensive) sites for that purpose. I started with Linktree and then recently moved into Carrd. It’s a very basic little website- but it’s free to use and can help you learn the ropes of making and running a site before upgrading to a larger and more elaborate site of your own.

If you’d like to take a peek, here is my very simple “digital business card” website–>

Creating something for something is a really wonderful thing- I hope you’re able to begin to put your ideas into place and make something you are proud of, Michele!

Wishing you all the best of luck with the site and club- Blessed be! :sparkles:


As a child seeing some of the horrific things things my “step father” did to my mother… Repeatedly… Time and time again… Well let’s just say I grew up to knowing that would never happen to me.

As an adult (and a mother) I now understand how hard it can be to ask for help… Especially from those they know… Maybe a forum but for like emotional support and sharing stories and strength…

Maybe hearing others stories and how they survived a domestic violence situation and come out the other side and realising how f##cking amazingly strong you are… Well :woman_shrugging:t3: knowing YOU’RE NOT ALONE… That can make all the difference!



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