Starting on my herb journey

So, as I am still what I consider a baby witch and learning, I have opened the door to herbs and using them as tea or incense. Now I am aware of those that are good for either and those that should not used for tea or burned but still learning.

Last night, my order from a local witch shop arrived and I googled everything I ordered again. I had ordered: Mugward, Lavender buds, Honeysuckle, Celendula, some charcoal discs and and spoon and tong set.

I decided to used lavender and mugwort last night. I took a bath before, then got changed for bed. Let the charcoal disc burn with the 2 herbs next to it in my cauldron (I had about an inch or so of sand to buffer the heat).

Holy moly did it knock me out. I mean, I wanted that, I haven’t been sleeping and I know lavender obviously is good for sleep. But did not expect withing literally 10 mins, lol.

So note to self, mugwort and lavender are dreamy sleepy combo, :stuck_out_tongue:


Sounds like a lot of fun! Thank you for sharing your adventures with us. :black_heart:

Lavender really is great for sleep, isn’t it. :smile:

It took a while for me to get used to the smell of it, because my mind associated it with some triggering experiences. But once I got over that, well… Good sleep. :relieved:

What’s next in your herbalist adventures?


What a great journey to go on! I think I may need to find a good book to read on the topic! I seem to do much better with essential oils rather than herbs, but having the knowledge is not a bad thing at all! Off to the book clubs I go to find some awesome reading material!


Wow, it sounds like mugwort and lavender is the nyquil of the plant world!

Good luck on your herbal adventures!


Ooo how fun but just a warning, once you open that door it swings wide open and comes off the hinges :rofl:


The first time I had lemon balm tea it did the same thing- like a full-on knockout, I was completely unconscious the entire night. Herbs pack a powerful punch, often in a very good way! :laughing:

Just a heads up that the more you use them, the more tolerance you build up- after a few uses it probably won’t knock you out quite as strongly. This is often why they recommend switching things up and alternating what you use- it helps to maintain the effects.

I’m glad you got some good rest! :blush: :heart: May your beautiful new herbs help you have many more restful nights and good dreams!

Blessed be :sparkles: