Stop feeling weird! 😅

Ok, so now I know I’m not the only one who has been feeling a bit ‘weird’ lately I figured I’d put this together and hopefully get us to kick some

butt! :sweat_smile:
As my tarot cards oh-so-subtly reminded me last night:
You have to work to get what you want!
So let’s go!

  1. Altar cleanse!
    Having a clean and fresh altar is already sparking some excitement for tonight’s rituals.
    It wasn’t messy or dirty or anything but now it’s:

    Have a look at yours – any dust in the corners? When was the last time you cleaned your candle holders? I bet there’s some ash from an incense stick lurking somewhere. Do you have flowers with water which needs changing? A stain on your cloth you’ve been covering up?
    I think for me the most satisfying thing was cleaning the wax off of my candle snuffer – something I probably wouldn’t have bothered with if I hadn’t been thinking ‘is it Monica Clean?’
    Go with me on this.

  2. Awaken the senses!
    Your eyes are totally thanking you for the beautiful sparkly altar- Your workspace is ready to go.
    Eat or drink something fiery – something with a strong taste of ginger, cayenne or citrus to wake you up internally!

  • Ginger is related to healing, inspiration and success!
    Consuming ginger before casting spells adds extra power!
  • Cayenne (chilli) is used for cleansing, protecting, repelling negativity and speeding up spells!
    Use Cayenne Pepper to remove obstacles or blockages that may keep you from obtaining your goal!
  • Lemon is great for inspiring creativity, protecting, cleansing and bringing happiness!
    The scent of lemon helps to reduce blood pressure, increases concentration and improves the ability to memorise facts and figures.

Which brings me swiftly to my next point – fill the room with an energising/motivating scent!
Personally I’m feeling the citrusy vibe (looks like I’m kicking off this Monday with a Devotional to Diana) but if you have a favourite incense or something is calling to you - go for it!
Need some music to get in the mood? What’s stopping you?

  1. Add something new to your Grimoire/Book of Shadows/Book of Mirrors/Journal!
    A spell, a recipe, a poem, a few words of wisdom, a motivational quote, a picture or sketch, a pressed flower or herb. :herb: Whatever you like to add to your personal books, add a contribution today – no matter how big or small it might be.

  2. Try something new and exciting!
    Is there a Spell, Potion, Jar or Ritual Bath you bookmarked ages ago and never got round to doing? Tonight is the night! Do you need ideas? Ask the group!

Any other tips to get going again? What works for you?
Did you try something new? How did it go?

Share what you’re doing! I wanna seeeeee
Much love :heart:


I giggled while reading, because yesterday I got that same little spark of joy by cleaning off my vintage candle snuffer! Lol. I’m not at home today (babysitting), but I think tonight I’m going to clean & set up my altar for the new season. I didnt switch it up for Mabon, just added some apple offerings & some fall decor. Thanks for the little boost of motivation!


Yay for fresh altars!
Ooh I’m so glad this sent you a little motivation :hugs::heart:


Yes!! I will definitely be doing this for full moon, I’m exhausted today after a full day’s work :joy::heart:


@Limeberry, thank you for post! I agree. I cleaned my altar last night and removed any old debris and melted votives. Changed the cups of water. Also bought some more items for the Altar. I bought a Besom (small one)- cleansed it and put on top of altar. Need to research how to use it. But like you mentioned, it’s been a feeling of heaviness and fatigued. And by what @Abs53 mentioned in the forum as well- I’m glad it’s not just me! Planning on going to the gym and when I get back cleanse my apartment and burn some sage. Brigid last night did give me an uplifting charge.
Thank you.
Blessed be.


@Limeberry, here is the Besom I bought for the altar. (Altar all clean and recharged) I’ll probably hang it on my front entrance door. I’d like to make my own some day. I know you use it to sweep up energy?! Any advice on how it’s done or videos you guys suggest ?
Thank you


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This is actually a great topic - let’s make it a thing. :broom:


@Limeberry, thank you for sharing! That be great for everyone to share their thoughts on how to use your Besom.


Agreed. I know absolutely naff all about them :sweat_smile: but hopefully we’ll get some words of wisdom from the others! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Now I feel that getting a robot vacuum wasn’t the best idea… I never use the broom anymore! The ultimate banishing tool!!! :broom:

Thanks for sharing @Limeberry!! I have to do some cleaning and hopefully the coming Full Moon will give me that energy boost to do it! :pray: :full_moon:


Ohhh sounds like it’s a good time for a refreshing-but-fiery ginger lemon tea :tea::lemon::orange_heart: This is a wonderful boost of motivation, @LimeBerry! :two_hearts: Thanks for sharing :blush:


That’s crazy bc that happened to me too! :joy: I t had just about every color was on it.


Hmmmm coincidence?? On Sunday afternoon out of the blue I felt a strong need to change my entire bedroom around hence my electric fireplace that I use as my makeshift alter got a good cleaning (and so did the rest of my room) got rid of dust, ash dried petals wax and of course dog hair :joy: . I am waiting to be alone in the house to smudge as the BF touched almost everything in my room.

I have some ginger lemon tea that I have been wanting to drink as I have a bad cold (not corona thank the gods) but it has been too hot and humid here for the last 4 days for me to drink anything that will make me even hotter than I already am.


@Katt @Abs53 @Limeberry @Francisco @TheTravelWitch_Bry I moved my bedroom around too Sunday! And rearranged my altar a bit yesterday. What’s strange is that, I usually don’t dream or if I do I don’t remember them, last night I dreamt I was in a forest and two other people were with me I feel like they were a woman and a man but I don’t remember seeing them. They were expecting me to lead them through the forest to this ruin where they kept mentioning Pan, and a spell I was going to cast with him or for him…
I woke up feeling strangely confident.
But what’s even odder is that I haven’t even studied about Pan and the only thing I think I read mentioning him was he is sometimes referred to as the Horned God??
Idk, I did thank the Lord and Lady on my altar last night before going to bed as I put out my candle…message maybe?
Sorry for rambling…lol
Blessed Be
P.S. I’m tagging others in case anyone has any idea about the possible meaning or interpretation of my dream…thanks!


@Katt Get well soon!! :pray: :raised_hands:

And drink hot beverages!! I drink lots of mate :maté: in the summer because I’m so used to it!

But there’s also been some research that found that hot beverages help you cool down!

@Rowan That sounds like a fun dream really!! :laughing: And yes, Pan is a name of the Horned God, as “goat-horned” was an epithet of Pan, who was usually represented with the horns of a goat. :goat:

Perhaps that is the aspect of divinity you need to work with right now… It’s a great theme for a Tarot read!


Hope u feel better!!


Sending well-wishes, feel better soon @Katt! :hugs:

A very interesting dream, @Rowan! :star_struck: I would say that since you connected with the Lord and Lady before bed, it’s pretty safe to assume the man and woman in your dream were them (or their representatives). I would make offering to them at your altar and do a mediation on them- perhaps they have a message for you! It seems to me like Pan/The Horned God has a spell or favor he wishes from you :deer: Very excited- good luck and blessed be! :heart:


thank you for all the well wishes, its just a cold with a bad cough…still annoying.
@Rowan, we seem to have a bit in common, I would really like to chat with you on discord when you are able :slight_smile: