Strange experiences in our New Home

Love and light to you all, my dear coven!
I haven’t been present much the last few weeks because we’ve just moved and have been working to get settled in.

We’ve been here maybe two weeks. The first week with our keys was absolute chaos and it seemed like one thing after another was going wrong. The air conditioner was out for 8 days (Tx summer!), my car window was smashed in and someone stole the diaper bag (of all things), my husband and I were fighting constantly, and the stress and anxiety for all of us was toxic and draining.

I decided I’d pissed off some sort of spirit because I’d burned white sage in the home before we moved in. So I saged again with a homemade bundle, explaining my intentions and apologizing to whomever I’d offended.

But now we are hearing things. Last night the kids and I were startled by a deep, LOUD, angry growl. We were all frightened. I went searching around the house but saw nothing. Plus… it had sounded like it was IN the room with us. I told my husband about this and he said he’d just like experienced the same thing.
This afternoon my son was napping upstairs while my husband, daughter and I were in the living room, downstairs. All three of us heard a little voice (just like my son’s) at the top of the stairs say, “Mama…?” Naturally, we thought he was awake. So I went to see him and he was still sound asleep in the bed.

We have all heard these things.

My energy is very drained and my anxiety has been extreme, though I’m so happy to have our own home. My husband is wildly stressed and exhausted. This could all be from moving and taking on more expenses, or possibly something could be trying to harm us.

Hubby says this is unrelated and we will find the culprit, but there is a strong fishy odor we just cannot locate in our house.

I am going to sage again, burn sweet grass, and set up some wards… as soon as I can get up the energy.

I don’t know exactly what I’m needing here… but thank you if you’ve read all of this. Any advice or insight is warmly welcomed! Blessed be. I’ve missed you guys.


First the non-Magickal answer:

As you mentioned, it’s possible that all of that is just a byproduct of all the stress related to moving. My main suggestions is to wait it out and see if these strange things continue to happen after you’re all settled in the house, e.g. a couple weeks from today.

However it does sound a lot like there may be a spirit living in the house (maybe a spirit of the land) who is trying to send a message, so it’s best to listen to it.

If you want, try talking to it. If you feel it’s a negative presence, tell them to be gone and let them know that they are not welcome.

  1. Place a glass with some salt and vinegar in the rooms where you feel a presence, just as a protective agent.

  2. Sprinkle salt water in every corner and burn the incense (such as frankincense, rosemary, sage, lavender).

  3. As you burn the incense, say this chant:

“Creature of fire
this charge I lay,
no phantom in thy presence stay.
Here my will addressed to thee;
and as my word, so mote it be!”

  1. Wait a week or two and see if there are any signs of decay in the glasses with salt and vinegar. Dispose of those outside and away from your home.

Having said this, a spirit in your house is not always bad thing. Many of us work with spirits of the land, practice ancestor worship at home, or leave offerings to the spirits that protect the home.

Remember that these spirits may not be here to harm you, especially since you are the one who moved in.

I suggest doing some research on the house where you live now, and who the previous owners were. You may find stories if you look up the address online or check at the local library. Also research the land where you live to see what type of energies exist and how to harmonize with them.

Lots of Luck! :pray: :four_leaf_clover:


Thank you so very much! This is very helpful.


You’re welcome. Keep us posted!!


@Francisco covered everything, the growl and the smell is my personal concern. Not that you should get alarmed on it. I also agree with @Francisco , to ask the spirit and listen on what it has to say, or do if you understand that is a low vibrational being. You have that authority to let the spirit to know that is not welcome. And to let to us know the progress on what Francisco wisely suggested. Just to give you other tips on the matter.
Normally I suggest to people moving to a new place, to buy a new bucket, broom and mop, and to start cleaning from the rooms all the way out to the front door. Is another way some of us use here in Puerto Rico, and in Cuba to cleanse their new houses. Things we learned from our grandparents to take out any negative energies.


Greetings @sarah29! :heart:

Francisco shared some wonderful advice about how to approach the situation and, if it is indeed a spirit, how to handle it. It sounds like you have been honest and respectful of any presence there- so I’d suggest that if you don’t feel any negative energies, it could be a bond worth pursuing :pray:

Wishing you and your family all the best as you settle in, Sarah- Love and Light! :sparkles:


The fishy odour made me wonder if you have an electrical fault somewhere, I’ve had something similar in the past. Maybe the entity isn’t trying to harm you but warn you, something to check out with an electrician?


Oh man, that’s scary!!! Just thinking about that!!! Please, if we were closer I’d have my dad take a look lol he’s great at smells with electrical work.


@sarah29 that all sounds so disturbing. I like @Francisco’s answer though, it sounds as if he’s pointed you in the right direction once again. Maybe leave out some offerings too. It may be Fae activity and some bread and honey may sweeten them up.


I thought so too after doing some googling. Thankfully though, my husband (Trevor) has a lot of electrical work experience and said that’s not what this smell is.
Right now I’m gonna go through everything in the kitchen to double check nothing went bad and we somehow overlooked it.


It’s easily done. Just the tiny bit of sauce from prawns or something like that can stink to high heaven after a while.


You’ve got some great information here on all sides, both magickal and not, but I want to add this little tidbit of info. Make sure your carbon monoxide detectors are fully functioning.

The symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning can often mimic that of spiritual or energetic entities. For example, exhaustion, confusion, hallucinations, etc. are all symptoms of CO poisoning, too. It is strange that you’re both hearing the same things, but just to be on the safe side, make sure they work :revolving_hearts:


Solid advice. THANK YOU!


You’re welcome :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I gotta know how things are going! Any updates?


Could that loud, angry, and deep growl have been two cats fighting? At my old house, the neighbors would put their cats out for the night and they’d chose right under my bedroom window to fight.
The fishy smell makes me think that (from years of watching ghost hunting shows) you might have a spirit who died by drowning. :cry:
I would take @Francisco’s advice and cleanse your home, again. But like @MeganB, I strongly advise you check for carbon monoxide poisoning too, as that is one of the natural explanations for paranormal activity. EMF, electromagnetic fields, can also produce sensations of being watched or sensing the presence of entity.
Good luck with everything and keep us posted when you have the time!