Strange sensations

Okay so my grandpa was the most gentle, funny loving and compassionate man I have ever known. He was my best friend my entire childhood. I was his 4th grandchild but to see us together you’d have thought I was his first (I was the first born to his only son). We were inseparable. But he died with lymphoma when I was 15 years old. Sometimes he visits me in my dreams when I need a dose of reassurance and encouragement and sometimes he comes with warnings and messages. I haven’t had him contact me in my dreams in almost 10 years. My birthday just passed on Monday and I spent the day depressed and alone. This morning I wake up and every time I walk through my living room ( in a house he’s never been to or seen) I can smell his aftershave like he’s right next to me. Every Sunday morning I can remember getting up and getting ready for church and the bathroom and living room smelling like a mixture of fresh brewed coffee and bruut after a baby witch in all sense of the word but magic is in my blood. My grandfather’s mother was half Cherokee and half Seminole indian. And I’ve always been super sensitive to people’s emotions and energy and been a able to receive messages from loved ones passed away but I’ve never experienced anything like this in my life. My husband has been away for over a month now and he didn’t wear aftershave. So I’m just baffled by where this is coming from. Could my grandpa be trying to make contact with me? Why would he change up ways of reaching out All of a sudden?


Warmest welcome Meagan. Here you will find friends and family. No one judges and everyone is positive, if not, we all seek to cheer them up or empathize with them.
Your heritage is rich with magic and the spirits seem to want to talk to you.
@Francisco wrote an article about working with spirits on May 16th and @christina4 her suggestions were quite good, look on May 17.
These two members are so magnificent in their generosity that I won’t add anything else
Blessed be and Remember, now you will always be loved.
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Maybe your Grandpa thought you needed a little extra love? Anything is possible.


I agree with Amethyst that your Grandfather was trying to give you some extra love. He probably sensed that you needed more comfort than just his presence in your dreams and is attempting to make contact in real life. Our guardian spirits will change how they interact act with us based on what they think we need and how we respond best to them.


@Megan, i completely understand what you mean. Both of my grandparents passed away on both sides. The latter, my maternal grandma. When she first passed she would come in my dreams all the time. And she would always look young, healthy and beautiful. However, i could never see her face. It was more like energy. But i could always here her voice and what she wanted to convey. In the beginning it was for assurance that she was fine and for us not to cry over her anymore. Its been 8 years, almost 9 in Sept.

Now she comes to me sparingly. But its always for a message or warning. And the scent of your grandpas after shave is a definite sign he’s there. (From my experience) when i dream or sense of my grandma i smell her perfume or roses. And when i dream of my paternal grandmother, i smell cake, because she loved to bake.

Like you mentioned you been feeling alone- i think your grandfather is definitely there to let you know that you’re never alone. Our departed loved ones comfort us when we need them the most.

My beloved dog who passed away 2 years ago also comes to me in my dreams. And shes always happy and healthy and tells me shes fine. In my opinion, they come to us more often when they first pass- to help us deal with the pain of their loss. As time goes by and we get better, they come to us less and when we need them.

So its great when they come to us! However z they are never far from us. Its a beautiful thing.
Blessed be.


Hello and welcome.

Our olfactory sense is one of our most powerful. Trust your gut instinct, if the smell was reminiscent of your grandpa then it was likely him reaching out to you for support.


My humble opinion is that he’s getting closer to you. Like Iris mentioned, the sense of smell is an integral part of our evolution, it is the only sense that affects the memory and the emotion side of the brain. :brain:

My grandfather passed last year and he has visited me in dreams. In waking life too, many times I get flashbacks of being in his presence. I keep a picture of him close to me and leave a little offering when that happens too.

Here’s the pots that Garnet mentioned about Working with spirits 👻 - #4 by Francisco


Personally, I’d say that your grandfather has a message for you of some kind. Maybe because he hasn’t reached out in so long, it may be urgent. I’m not trying to scare you. Maybe it’s just that he needs you as much as you need him.

I also receive clues and intuition from my grandfather. I’m part Seneca. It was weird reading your post because there’s a lot of similarities between us in that sense.

Whatever it is that he needs to tell you will come out. Try talking to him before bed. I’d suggest meditating fist. Just maybe you’ll have a dream that clears something up. That’s what I do. Good luck with this!!!


Whenever my mum is emotional or something big is coming up or something amazing happens to her she smells the perfume her Aunty Rhoda used to wear. She was the closest person to my mum as a child through to her 30’s before she passed away.

The most recents times have been the night my daughter was born and the night before she married my stepdad. Both nights she woke up at 3am smelling her perfume and she could feel her sat on the bed stroking her hair like when she was little :relieved:

He’s looking over you :heart:


That’s such a lovely thing to be able to sense :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

As for this, it could just be that since he’s never been in your home, he’s finding ways to remind you of his presence in an easier way. This is one way he knows to get your attention and it worked.

What you’re experiencing is called Clairgustance, or “clear smelling”. It’s a form of psychic ability where you connect with Spirits or the Otherworld through smell. It’s also one way that Spirits may come to us and give us messages. Mat Auryn talked about a similar experience he had in his book, Psychic Witch.

I know when my grandfather is engaging in contact because there’s a specific cologne, whiskey, and tobacco smell which will occur. Alternatively, certain smells have historically been associated with danger or malevolent energy such as the smell of sulfur. Psychic Witch pg. 140

Treasure it and maybe leave your grandfather some offerings to let him know you sense his presence :pray: