Studying the craft daily

Merry meet and merry part. .ay I please ask, how long do you study your spiritual path, during the fay/night? 30 minutes or less or more at a time? Thank you. Blessed be


Hi Ashley!

I’ve been practicing witchcraft for quite some time, but honestly I don’t have a set amount per day that I spend studying. It’s true that we’re always learning, but I’m also a very busy mom and partner :laughing: I study when I can and study what interests me. In my opinion, that’s what’s important.


As a stay at home mom, I’m multitasking everything. So if my children allow, I’ll sit at my dining room table studying for my certifications or studying the craft while I’m watching them it’s really all I do besides housekeeping and cooking :skull: it depends on your schedule honestly!


I have to agree with @MeganB here. I have a slightly different but largely similar situation.

I like to read alot & learn sort of 1 thing or topic at a time. I have things that I do daily, but at this time there’s no real set schedule. Some days there’s more than others & I have days where there’s very little to none.

I do log in every morning while I’m having coffee. After that, as soon as I can I gather my items & light the candles that I need & incense (if any) to at least set an intention for the day, ideally be able to do meditation :woman_in_lotus_position: Even those things get delayed on a regular basis.

As long as you do a small thing each day & build on that each following day, you are in the right direction. Even if you have to take time away for a day or more, all you need is 1 small thing. :infinite_roots:

There’s more information on Daily Devotions if it’s something you’re interested in looking into further & we have the Spells8 Daily Ritual


Very good advice! I’m new to the craft and do a lot of reading, and try to at least set an intention for the day ( usually coffee or tea morning ritual), but I find it hard to get the time to meditate. Btw I’m Sheronda Radcliffe, Merry Meet! :hugs:


I couldn’t agree more! Balance is important to me. Bringing magic into my life balances the mundane, but both the magickal and the mundane are necessary to balance.

Maybe just a typo, but it made me giggle!