Sucker for Punishment? LOL

I decided that since I cannot really remember all the books I have, (which leads to ordering sometimes something I already have!)

I decided to catalog all my books in a notebook alphabetically by book name and by author, I picked up a 3 ring notebook, and Avery A-Z dividers.

So do you list your books? or have a way of knowing what you have? I was going to do them on a spreadsheet, then decided I wanted something hard copy to look at, The work starts tonight, when I get my new Grimoire set up,

I just fininshed a 3 ring with ONLY SPELLS in it, and another put together with just MISC witchy stuff-info from subscriptions I get, printed crystal grids, monthly moon charts, etc.

How do you organize things? or do you? Does it matter?

At this point I have one Bos that I just write in randomly. It’s literally as I go…it’s kinda neat to see my progress from when I first started to now. I have a smaller book that is just spells that are my favs. I may eventually start printing and go the three ring binder route…as my hand writing is not the greatest lol

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And I have a ton of books just on a bookcase. No rhyme or reason. haha Complete chaos!

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My Book area is in the closet of my witchy room, Hubby is gonna make me a bookcase, I sure need it, as far as cataloging the books, I order so many and then I get one and start reading and go, hey! I have already read this one and I look through my mess and sure enough! I want it so I can look and see if I have it, before I order, sometimes they change the cover and I don’t realize it, lol