Sugar binding spell

I found a sugar binding spell here on spells8 and I was wondering if anybody had any EXTRA tips, safety or anything advice related when casting this spell? Anything I should do first, during or after?


Hello @triplemoonlove9091,

The Sugar Binding Spell isn’t one that fits into my personal practice so I haven’t cast it myself, but while I can’t give spell-specific advice, I’d be happy to offer up some general tips! :blush:

One general casting tip is to consider both the current moon phase and time of day- celestial forces (like the sun, moon, and other planets) can enhance your spell when called upon during casting.

That’s certainly not to say that someone has to call or even consider these forces- I like to think of them as extra boosts that, when acknowledged during casting, can add some extra power and direction to the spell :sparkles:

→ :full_moon: For a spell that seeks to increase attraction or emotion, the Waxing Moon is a great period. The Full Moon would also work, as it is a very powerful time for spellwork of all types. Even the New Moon could lend it’s energy to start something new and refresh. The only moon period I wouldn’t recommend is the Waning Moon (good for decrease and banishment).

→ :sun: The same with the sun- sunrise is good for a fresh start and new beginning. Mid-day, like the full moon, is full of strong, blazing energy and power. I wouldn’t recommend sunset as it is a time associated with ends and laying things to rest.

Wishing you all the best and I hope that your spellwork manifests in a positive way for you! :pray:


I cast it last night, around 8:30-9:00? Maybe. And it was a waning moon last night. So that’s good. :slight_smile:


I haven’t cast any kind of sugar binding spells either, but I agree with using the day of the week or sun/moon positions. I tend to go with the sun more than the moon, but there are specific phases of the moon that I will do things during. Usually the New Moon or Waning. I’m working on the others… baby steps :footprints:

I believe last night was a Waxing Crescent :thinking: which is good for things that you would want to attract in your life. So that seems to be good for that particular spell. :hugs:


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