Super cold/flu tea

Latest tea for my daughter in laws cold.

Lemon peel
Orange peel
Lemon balm


Neat! What does the Longjing do? I’ve never heard of it.


A second vote from me about wanting to learn more about Longjing! :star_struck:

All I know is that it’s a green tea and I don’t think I’ve ever had it before- is it there more for the flavor side of things, or does it have magickal/medicinal properties being called upon for this blend?

I hope your daughter-in-law is feeling better asap! :pray: She is in good hands with such a loving and talented mother-in-law as her healer :heart::blush:


@TheTravelWitch_Bry @Amethyst longjing is also called dragonwell. The top medical benefits of longjing tea are weight loss management, prevention of cancer, relief from stress and anxiety symptoms, and reduced risk of heart ailments. As for using in magik its best used while preforming Health, Longevity, Sexual performance, Love & passion, Energy work, Cleansing, and Money spells.

There are many more benefits of this tea, which is why i use it, these are just the main reasons.

It also has a very smooth taste and aroma

If i dont use longjing then i use dao ren

This is longjing

This is dao ren

And @TheTravelWitch_Bry thank u for the compliment, she is already feeling better, 3 cups later.


Longjing Tea, or Dragon Well Tea in China, is a kind of green tea as well as the most popular tea in China.

Ps you should be able to buy it at most Chinese markets


Wow, that sounds really beneficial. I wish we had an herb shop around here. Thank you!

Thanks, love! It sounds really neat!


I purchase mine online


Cool! Thank you!


I’m sold- so many great health benefits! :heart_eyes: Plus the many ways to apply it in magick too- I’m going to need to keep an eye out for Longjing.

Thank you so much for both the recommendation and your wisdom, @stephanieanne76! :heart::tea:

I’m so glad to hear she’s feeling better already! :blush: That is one powerful healing blend! :sparkles:


@Mistress_Of_Herbs Girl that looks amazing! I’ve been thinking about tea a lot lately. My friend just brought me some tea called Mountain Gold… it’s orange peel and cloves and some other goodies. Cloves are my favorite! So when you make your tea, do you just start with a green/black tea base and add in goodies? I haven’t had time to look anything up because we’ve been netless for a week! It was so frustrating!


Honestly it depends on who the tea is for and their issue. Many times i dont add a base (green, black, or roobius).

Actually of my 30ish blends very few have green, black or roobius in them.

Ill start with what herbs i have… if someone has a cold, i pull out all of my vitamin c boosting herbs first (orange peel, rosehips, etc

If someone is in pain then i get out all of my pain relieving herbs (cramp bark, devils claw, burdock, etc)


Thanks! I just wondered if all “teas” actually needed a base or if you could just add what herbs you needed. I’m excited to experiment!


Oh honey add whatever calls to u.

Heres a couple that require no base unless u just want to put it in it


@Mistress_Of_Herbs thanks! My herb collection isn’t very large yet (one thing at a time!). What are your top 5 tea ingredients? I have lavender, mugwort, and jasmine. I also have rosebuds, but I don’t know if they are ingestible.


@AileyGrey All of those are able to be ingested. Just be careful when using mugwort, as it can be used as a hallucinogen. Mugwort is awesome in dream teas.

My favorite herbs are rosehips, chamomile, peppermint, linden (i get bad migraines, i even have to take injections), and hibiscus.


@AileyGrey and dont worry about not having a large herb collection, that takes time. Alot of trial and error.


Oh yeah, totally not worried! Just getting a few that I need at a time! It’s just nice to know what more seasoned witches use frequently… then when I come across it, I can pick it up!


@AileyGrey Bc i live in pain i also get the pain relieving herbs. Cramp bark, white willow (bc its aspirin on crack lol), devils claw, arnica, helichrysum, burdock, valerian.

When i first started out i thought all witch’s needed herbs, oh boy how wrong i was lol, so i ordered a 64 herb starter kit. It had some exotics like kava kava, jezebel root, etc. But mainly it helped decide what herbs i wanted to have a larger selection of. And i went from there. I mean they were only 2x3 baggies.

I have henbane, horehound, chrysanthemum, heather, wintergreen, birch leaves, slippery elm, and more devils claw and hyssop on order.

I live out in the boonies, so finding local suppliers isnt an option. I even grow a few. I even have belladonna seeds and datura seeds, but i want to wait til i have my greenhouse before i plant those as i have pets. But after alot of trial and error i have found about 4 amazing suppliers.


When I’m ready to do any ordering, I’ll let you know! I live out in the boonies too!


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