Super fast hello to all of you!

Hey everyone!!! I can’t believe I haven’t joined in on the forums yet. I can not wait to be a part of this amazing Spells8 Community.
My name is Kate I’m an eclectic witch as well as a wife, mom to an awesome little boy, I have 3 dogs and a rabbit. I also run a business with my mother in law. We take old junk, cleanse it and make it beautiful again.
I am currently in the process of moving and renovating a cute home in the middle of no where Arizona. Because that’s keeping me so busy I will be a little absent for a few weeks. Once I get these really ugly cabinets redone I’ll be much more active.
I can’t wait to meet all of you and share with you all.

I just want to do a quick little hello before I got super busy again. I hope you’re all having a wonderful first month of the year.
Blessed be witches. :v:t2::crescent_moon:


Hi Katelyn! Merry Meet, and welcome to the forum! :open_hands:

That’s amazing that you restore and recycle old things! We were just talking about the BuyNothingProject in a post that @MeganB wrote last week!

If you’re working on renovating any witchy items, we’d love to see them! If you need ideas or help with anything Magickal, feel free to make a post in any of the Forums such as the Q&A Forum

Blessings! :sparkles:

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I was part of a buy nothing group when I lived in Monterey, CA. There isn’t one out where I am now. I was so bummed! It’s an incredible program.
I will of course share photos as I create new product. :slight_smile:


Glad to have you here! I am also a mother :heart: to a little girl who’s about to turn 7 :astonished:

I hope to see you around here on the forum when you’re not as busy. I try to pop in here regularly, but I work from home and get super caught up in being busy as well.

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You will definitely see me around more often now! The bulk of my home renovations is done. At least on my end. I just have to paint cabinet doors.
Aww. 7 is such a fun, sweet age. Enjoy it!!!


Merry Meet and nice to meet you! Welcome, you will find so many people here that are awesome and so much info. We are glad to have you!!
Blessed Be