Tarot interpretation help

Okay I will try to make this short as possible.
I have an online friend who I’m going to meet in October during my vacation. He and I are both highly sensitive to emotions of others and he’s been going through some rough times as of late. I feel his sadness and mentioned my feelings about it. He sort of barked at me about being depressing and went offline for a couple of days to “ignore the world”. I revently started studying tarot so during my practice draw, I meditated, cleansed my cards then asked them what to do about friend. I pulled the ace of cups, upright, understand what it means but was wondering if someone more adept would help me with their interpretation please?


I’m not as good at tarot as our lovely @MeganB is, but to me, the Ace of Cups is a cup overflowing with emotion. Usually, it’s good emotions but maybe y’all have some weird feedback loop going on where you’re adding your bad emotions to the other’s and it keeps growing.

If so being offline for a bit might help your friend and he should come back, hopefully feeling better and with an apology for barking at you.

That’s all I’ve got. I hope this helps you. As I said, MeganB would probably know better.


Thank you, that makes sense. I kind of felt that maybe we were “piling” emotions on. I’m learning to give him space and incidentally he popped on to let me know it was okay, he just hard a hard time dealing with both. Definitely need to work on shielding :revolving_hearts:


Yep, grounding and shielding should help both of you.


I wish it had
He took what I said, turned it around, called me a victim and told me to leave him the f@ck alone. So that’s that
As for me, I will continue to shield myself from further disturbance of my happy self, but thank you :blush:


Ace of Cups Upright Meaning

The suit in Tarot known as Cups is also referred to as Chalices or Hearts. It represents the emotional and psychic aspects of life – fantasy, imagination, feelings, love.

An Ace of this suit in this position generally shows a hand holding up an overflowing cup, which gives forth an endless stream of water, wine, blood, or soma for the people’s refreshment and healing.

This card represents an unfailing source of balm for the body, heart, and soul. It suggests that you can relax into a safety net of love, support, and communion.

Ace of Cups Advice Position

The Ace of Cups in this position advises you to challenge yourself and discover what is good about every relationship. Practice looking at the world through the eyes of the Divine. Allow your imagination to perceive the spiritual or evolutionary potential in every person and experience.

Look with the eye of a loving parent or companion upon the people and things you come into contact with. Make a conscious decision to approve of and delight in even the quirky developments that make the world turn. No one can be perfect at such unconditional acceptance. Still, the practice will sweeten your day-to-day life. Your magnetism will increase and more loving people may enter your life. The whole world will benefit as this becomes second nature to you.

Ace of Cups Interpretations


I’m sorry that happened. We’re here for you if you wanna talk about it more!

HUGGLES! :hugs:


Thank you @Amethyst . I’m just stunned and sad that he’s hurting so badly to lash out at me like that. My gut tells me he’ll come around. (Hoping that’s not just wishful thinking)


The Ace of Cups overflows with Water (emotions).

It could be a symbol of how maybe your friend is filling up your mind and spilling out everywhere. It could be excitement or signs of a new romance.

In any case, the fact that he barked at you is not very nice, however it sounds as he is also overflowing with emotions and that can be confusing and hard to deal with sometimes.


Thank you :blush:
Yeah, he’s confused me to no end the past couple of day for sure
I’ll continue to send my love and light across the miles in hopes he finds peace