Tarot - IX of Wands and Death

With getting these two draws sometime ago, and seeing how events have played out. I’d like to lightly discuss another underlying meaning to these two tarot cards.

With the IX of Wands, see a person who went through so much work establishing other areas of his life (the other 8 of wands standing upright), but he still finds himself exhausted hence the bandage around his head, looking limp, and holding himself up on the 9th wand, take the card is conveying that the querent is forgetting and/or neglecting the needs of the physical body.

Now with The Death card. There is a human skeletal figure on a horse, riding high above all else. Feel the representation of the skeletal figure conveys that the task at hand has to do with the physical needs of the human body above all else for a given area of the querent (hence why it’s riding high and above).

This is definitely an open discussion, and I’ll participate lightly in.


I can see this- kind of “pushing yourself over the limit” to the point of overexhaustion. Perhaps too much work and no play can lead to an early grave :headstone:

Interesting- death is certainly something tied to the physical body. It also reminds me of an echo of the Devil card, dealing with the wants and desires of the material/physical world. An interesting parallel to explore! :clap:

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on these cards, @Eliza_01- I enjoyed reading them! :heart:

Many blessings!

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