Tarot reading question - spread with opp results to friend's

There might not be an answer to this question, but I thought I would ask, just in case. Many years ago, before I really contemplated getting involved with the craft, I had a good friend who was a witch. One day, she showed me her Tarot cards. We sat at a table facing each other. She did a spread for herself (I think it was a Celtic Cross) and I was fascinated. She asked me if I would like a reading and I said, yes, of course. I would not have believed this unless I saw it with my own eyes. My spread was JUST like hers, except my cards were the reverse, or if hers was reverse, mine were not. Same position and everything. We were amazed and wondered what it meant, if anything. Do you think it was significant or just a coincidence? I was thinking about it because I’m buying my first deck tonight.


That means her skill with the deck was really good! You both were probably channeling some information from the spirit world at that moment. Either that or you were so connected that there was an important message for both of you during that session.

(The cards being all reversed was probably due to how she was holding the deck)

Sometimes Tarot readings really defy all odds. I learned to let go of the belief in coincidences or “errors” in my readings and just accept the messages as they come. :tarot_card:

Congrats on your new deck!! :smiley: