Tea Leaves

Does anyone know how to read tea leaves? It’s something I’ve always wanted to learn but using teabags, don’t get any leaves. However, just now my teabag must have burst, so at the bottom of my cup I’ve got some tea leaves.

Any thoughts? There’s alot of books but none of them I’ve looked at so far are very clear. I’ve had a look on the app, it recommended intuitive reading, what images. So I can see 2 horses.

Just to look up what meanings this has. :thinking::heartpulse:
What I’ve found is if it’s galloping it’s good news, a sign of a wish to come true. Also stands for endurance , interesting in line with the rune ritual today, and the rune Loki pulled for me, both :uruz: :person_shrugging:. Endurance to fulfill my goal in my ritual I wonder? Alot of “coincidences” today.


I don’t read tea leaves… :sweat_smile: but we do have some posts here on Spells8 about reading tea leaves! They might be helpful if you haven’t seen them already.


@MeganB Ooh thankyou for these :sparkling_heart:


You’re welcome! Hopefully, someone elss more experienced in reading tea leaves can hop in and help, too! :tea: :heart:


Hi @tracyS,

Hooray for tea leaf readings! :grinning: All methods of divination are special in their own way, but I particularly love the freedom of reading tea leaves (and who doesn’t like a good cuppa while they do their divining? :wink::tea:)

As the one divining and receiving the message, I strongly believe that the things that your intuition reveals to you will hold the most weight. If I can add just one thing, it’s that oftentimes in tea leaf readings the placement of the symbols within the cup is believed to be important.

As the two horses appeared at the bottom of your cup, this signals something in the future (while symbols close to the rim would be happening now/very soon).

That sure is a lot of “coincidences” lining up! :wink:

Seeing as how the symbols in your cup are aligning perfectly with your rune draw and the ritual, I think it’s pretty solid to say that you have a theme of endurance going on. Keep on galloping ahead with what you are doing- even if the road gets rocky, you are on course and should continue forward :horse_racing: :sparkles:

Blessed be, Tracy! :heart:


@TheTravelWitch_Bry Thankyou for this. It might be worth getting a diviner cup and saucer? :sparkling_heart:


Apologies for the delayed reply (and also for the enabling :laughing:) but I would say yes! If you’re interested in doing more tea leaf readings, a diviner’s cup is a great tool to have :blush:

Here’s the one I have- I’m pretty sure I got it off of Amazon or eBay a few years back.

There are many designs and styles of diviner’s cups out there, but most of them will have a combination of symbols in the cup and then zodiac and/or planet signs on the saucer.

I’d recommend looking for a set that comes with its own guide book (kind of like how different tarot/oracle decks have their own unique guidebook). The book is useful not only for interpreting your tea leaf readings, but for symbol correspondences in general too (such as dream readings, interpreting signs or animals, etc)- it’s great to have on the shelf! :open_book: :grinning:

I hope you can find a lovely diviner’s cup, Tracy- good luck and happy readings! :tea: :two_hearts:


Thankyou my lovely :sparkling_heart:


It’s my pleasure, Tracy- blessed be! :hugs: :heart: