Technical Advice Requested

I was going through old pics from 1990, and noticed that some of them are degrading- no longer opening or only opening part way. If I were to upload my pics, erase them from the thumb drive they were copied to, and redownload them to a new drive, would that stop the degradation? Moving them to a new drive hasn’t helped.


Unfortunately, it’s unlikely. Since you’d be copying the already degraded version.

There might be software to help restore them? I’ve never looked into that before. But such a thing might exist. :thinking:


Here are some ideas. Hope you find something…

A tutorial if you use Photoshop:

Unfortunately PS is expensive. But Gimp is not. Here are a few tutorials:

I used to use PS for work; always Gimp for home and with good results. The only problem is these are time consuming approaches. I searched and found a couple AI based tools below


For JPEG or damaged files, here is an article to some s/w that is supposed to do the trick:

And lastly…

For a free (as in speech, not beer) here is an Open Source multiple OS alternative:


A goldmine. Thank you. These photos aren’t on paper, they’re on a jump drive, so half of the pic will load, and the rest is a solid color like beige. I’ll try techradar and PhotoRec for those.

The rest are super old, but haven’t begun degrading, yet. I was planning on removing degraded pics and hoping to rescue the rest from their age before they start degrading. Some of them are coloring book pages I scanned, family photos I scanned, others are art I found on the internet 30 years ago, gifs I enjoyed at the time, or someone else’s screenshots with info I needed to write out and didn’t get to yet. Some are theme pieces, icons, cursors, pics which could be used to create jigsaw puzzles, etc.


Hi @georgia!

Apologies, I don’t have anything to add other than my support- I think Katerina and Korvo have the right idea with the photo restoring software. It looks like there are some amazing digital tools out there! I hope you can find a way to restore your photos. Wishing you good luck! :pray: :heart: