Thank you for ideas on a Freezer Spell

I did a Freezer Spell and I did this spell around 6 days ago and it worked. I did not use the phase of the moon to do my spell since my need to stop this person was Now!!! It was a simple spell …I wrote their name down on a piece of paper and wrote what I wanted them to stop over his name 3 times…then I rolled the paper going away from me and held it in my dominant hand and squeezed the paper and then told this person what they were going to stop doing which was harming people . I threw the paper in a plastic ziploc bag with some water and placed it in the freezer. Thank you everyone for ideas and the simplicity of this spell.


I’m so happy that you found a way to perform the spell that worked within your practice.

I have only done 1 freezer spell & so far it’s worked for over a year. The person in the freezer is my daughter’s best friend’s mother. She said some things that can’t be taken back about myself, my husband, & someone who was a very close friend at the time. On Facebook no less. I unfriended her & put her in the freezer. A short time later, I deleted my social media accounts. But since I did that, no issues with her or contact or slander about the rest of my family. I don’t know that I will take her out of the freezer, the words & accusations were very painful & uncalled for along with namecalling. I didn’t engage in all that, it’s not something that I do, so I did what I could & moved on. It was so sad that it happened over Covid in 2020 because that was hard on my kids anyway being at school from home. The Important thing is that her best friend & she are able to continue their relationship. Neither I or the other mother say anything about each other in front of, around, or at all really with the girls together. I don’t know what happens when the friend goes home, but I don’t get into anything about my daughter’s friend’s mother with my daughter. She’s 12, no need to be involved with the adults’ goings-on. :hugs:

Our daughters have been best friends since 2nd grade, so we let them hang out with each other, but they meet there & get picked up there. They do go to each other houses, but the parents have no contact with each other; other than being civil & polite in front of the girls at pick ups & drop offs at the recreation center.


Woohoo!!! @LadyFireCancer That is awesome news. Keep it up sister. I love to hear stories like this. You are a powerful being who bends the energy to her manifest in her favor. You rock :smile:


I like your methodology! Bookmarking this for my next freezer spell!


Congrats, @LadyFireCancer- I’m glad you found a great Freezer Spell and that you had a successful time casting it! :blush: Bye bye to this person’s toxicity- may your lovely spellwork help freeze their negative actions and help you find peace :+1:

Great job! :snowflake: :sparkles:


I’ve done these spells with the moon phases and without. Pending on circumstances. Each time it works.


Thank you everyone once again and many blessings :heart: