Thankful for Renewed Life in 2020

In the process of starting a post on Facebook reviewing 2020 as a whole, I focused heavily on the latter half of the year and realized this was the reason I started to write. Instead of doing the previous idea, it’s time I discuss, on this forum, the renewed life I found in 2020.

As a recap, I finally embraced Wicca (after 25 years of flirting with it) on my birthday of this year. July 4th/5th was one of the best weekends of my life. Another came in August. I am also a person that had an diagnosed mental illness until this year so with the high, comes the low…

Triggering topic blurred by me...

On September 7th, I overdosed on legal prescriptions with the intent on taking my own life. I thought I had lost my wife, my kids, and my girlfriend. My mental illness got the best of me and the shadow image of me in my dreams was now winning in every nightmare. I was tired and I wanted the pain to end.

While I knew my actions in the blurred paragraph would mean certain banishment of me from her life, I also knew my ex’s influence on me had been overall positive and I wanted her to have that knowledge. She was the first person I reached out to and the person that helped save me initially. The first person I thank is my ex. :pray:t4:

My wife brought me to the hospital and cared for me there and when I got home. I am forever in her debt. The second person I thank is my wife. :pray:t4:

September was a month of healing for me, for my wife, and for my kids. We ended up keeping our home and the marriage was rescued. I had many paths out of my turmoil before the above event, but I was too sick or too stubborn to take them. September exposed that to me and I was finally able to get help. The third person I thank is my therapist(and her team) that helped me. :pray:t4:

October and November, while tumultuous for me and my family, were overall positive months for my healing. I was able to return to work, gain my personality back, and really dive into my practices. It was due to the unending love and patience of my best friends that I was able to get through those months. The fourth and fifth people I thank are my best friends, Eyes and Moon. :pray:t4:

I have seen from many online coven members praises for Wicca or for personal deities normally attached to Wicca/neopaganism. :waxing_crescent_moon: :full_moon: :waning_crescent_moon:These praises have been for renewed life, renewed purpose, saving from depression, and even the saving of life itself. Just this week, another forum member said Wicca saved them.

Well, it was during these months that I went from honoring The Lady as a symbol of The Divine, to worshiping The Lord :sunny: and The Lady :full_moon: as my personal deities. I celebrated the Witches’ New Year for the first time as a witch and I loved the experience. With meditation, therapy, and a strong network of support I went from broken to whole again. In fact, I am back in my healing role I used to play. For this I thank The Lady. :pray:t4:

I didn’t talk a lot about my battles on here. I let you know they were there but I tried to stay focused on you. Why? Because you have your own stories to tell. You need people to send energy to you and to do spells for/with you. You need another friend, mentor, teacher, whatever, and you don’t need more trouble. But I am telling you now because the last person I need to thank for life, isn’t one person - it’s persons. It’s you.

@Francisco, @TheTravelWitch, @MeganB, @Amethyst, @Limeberry, @Rowan, oh so many and I wish I could list you all by memory, Katt, kira-marie, Jeanie1, Berta, marissa, SivlerBear, christina4, krissie117, the list could go on and on…

Thank you.

Thank you for being full of witchy resources. (I have been a sponge this year soaking up the blessings of your collective knowledge.) Thank you for your kindness and examples of humility and openness to others.

This forum is the place it is today thanks to you. It is a safe place to learn and grow thanks to you. It is a safe place for questions. It is a place where we can have tea together, share recipes, teach each other our rituals, and become better versions of ourselves.

(This week I was mentioned for giving the most likes to what people said in the previous week. :heart: :heart: :heart: How could I not give so many likes when everywhere I turn I see helpful posts and ideas and so many people thanking each other and welcoming each other?)

Thanks to you, and the others I have previously thanked, I am better than I was at the start of the year, I am healthier than I was at the start of the year, and I am back to teaching, mentoring, and helping, after a few dark months in the middle of the year.

I am thankful that at my lowest and weakest, renewed life could be found. I am thankful for Wicca. I am thankful for doctors and medicine and science. I am thankful for how my faith and reality go hand in hand. (Getting closer to nature :leaves: :snowflake: seems to provide more balance and healing and completeness, doesn’t it?) I am thankful for family and friends. I am thankful for you.

Here’s to a better and brighter 2021 for all of us. :champagne:


Oh wow, @praecog29 thank you so much for sharing this heartfelt :heart: post. I can feel the gratitude radiating from you and it is an amazing thing.

I’ve struggled myself with mental health and I understand some of your struggles (also appreciate that you put that in a blur :thought_balloon: for those of us who need it). It sounds like you have really grown so much in 2020, even though it’s been a shit year for most of us. I’ve found that even through the turmoil, many are blooming and growing. It reminds me of one of my favorite analogies of growth said by Lora O’Brien.

Can the light catch that first push from inside the seed? The first unseen growth always happens in the darkness – the plan is formed, the form is set, the energy is gathered. Source

I’m grateful for you, as well. You bring all you can to this forum and the positivity and encouragement you show as well as the experiences you share are helpful to many of us.

Thank you for being you!


I’ve been looking at this post for the past five minutes and feel absolutely speechless. I just know that I’m so glad that you’re here, sharing your deep thoughts and wisdom. And I’m honored that you’d include me withing this post, that means so much to me.

I’ve often said life is like a wheel, going up and going down. And sometimes it goes flat and you need AAA. I’m so very glad your wife and therapist team was there when you needed them the most.

So thank you, for taking that help when it was offered to you. I’m happy you’re here.


@praecog29 Can I just say, you definitely are an amazing soul. In each of your words I felt a confidence, a strength that is revived. And I thank you and am honored to be included in this beautiful declaration. I’ve said it before I’ll say it again, Im glad your intentions for that day were altered. I appreciate your friendship and your wisdom that you display here.
You too are a string in this web of collected minds and hearts that is our Covened Home. So I thank you for that also.

Love and Light,


Your words are very powerful, @praecog29. Reading this was a whirlwind of emotion that, at its core, has such a strong and resonating feeling of gratitude :pray:

This year was a struggle for you, my friend. So many downs- but also so many ups as well! You have a wonderful support system in place that lifted you from the lowest of lows, but I hope you are also saving some of that beautiful gratitude for yourself as well :hugs:

It takes a very strong character to rebound after tragedy- and from your words, I can sense you are stronger and wiser than ever before. You shine the light of posivitiy and support even when you are fighting your own shadows. I am so proud of you and the amazing witch you have grown into! :heart:

Thank you so much for sharing your heart, your words, and your guidance with the forum- but even more than that, thank you for being here, and for being you!

So much love and light your way, Benjamin. And cheers right back to you- may there be many blessings and ever more exciting revelations to come in the new year! :clinking_glasses::two_hearts:


This is wonderful! Anything I may have done to help you, you are so welcome. I am so happy for you!

I know that I share just enough so everyone knows I am in the thick of something, I’m not even sure what, but I never want to bring anyone down because of my off day. I always want people to smile and have a better day than the last. No matter how small the accomplishments of that day are, sometimes the smallest ones are the ones that mean the most.

I appreciate everyone here. I miss being in the forum more often, so I am going to try and keep up a little better. Like I said I am in the thick of something, I just try to make it to the next day with everything we need.


You have been such a great influence to all of us on here. You have nothing to be ashamed about for sharing your struggles with us or with not being on as much. This allows us to be here for you, lighting candles, sending gifts, sending love and energy, creating spells, etc. - all for you because we know you would do the same. Thank you.


Hi, that means a lot to me. I really have times when I feel more than alone, if that is a thing. It feels like it to me. I feel like I am treading water and I’m the only one trying. I hate when my depression gets the best of me. It’s a lot of self talk and working through anxiety every day.

Having a chronic illness, or more really, makes it more complicated. Sometimes my body can’t do things and on the inside I desperately want to go out and run errands, because that is really the only time I leave my house. I have introvert/hermit down to a science. I love being home but sometimes I just can’t breathe in my home and I need to go somewhere.

I appreciate your words and well wishes. I hope you continue to have a great end of the year.


I am very greatful for Renewed Life in 2020
That is so refreshing to hear and you seem so thankful!
You have journeyed through so much and you are so brave!
Thank you for all of your insight! You always are so positive!!
Thank you for your wisdom
Thank you for your reflection!
Many Blessings to you!!