The best book I have read until today!

I am really extremely happy to be a part of this book club because I have never read a book before like this.

I am reading “The Meaning of Witchcraft” by Gardner. This book contains outstanding information on history of English laws, God & Goddess and how wicca spread through England accorss the Globe.

Generally I read 4/5 books in a month. Last month was an exception that I read 45 books, but till today, this is the best book from all those that I have read in my life.

Huge thanks to Spells8 book club. I choose the book, but unless I joined this book club, I would never been able to get this flavour.

Thanks @TheTravelWitch
Thanks @Francisco


Thanks for sharing your opinion on the book! It was a work that really paved the path to come.

It’s important to add that some of the historical claims (especially about the medieval times) should be taken with a pinch of salt because Gardner was not a historian. Besides that, his work was very important. Here’s a main quote from the book:

“The meaning of witchcraft is to be found, not in strange religious theories about God and Satan, but in the deepest levels of the human mind , the collective unconscious, and the earliest developments of human society. It is the deepness of the roots that has preserved the tree.”


Greetings @Princess_Tara :blush:

I’m so glad that you have been enjoying book club and that you found such a treasure! Thanks for sharing the recommendation too.

May the next book you pick up be just as fulfilling and inspirational as this one was for you! Blessed reading :open_book: :sparkles: