The blooming moon

Is anyone else watching the moon right now? My daughter and I sat out all our crystals and put out our moon water. Even my boys all went out to take a look. It’s always so comforting to me to know that we are all over the world but looking at the same sky tonight.


Oh yes, I am! And I got my mom and sister excited about it, and they went out to look too :slight_smile: Happy moon-gazing!


We had clouds last night (boo) but MoonGiant says the moon is at 100% today and goes into 97% tomorrow, so tonight should be a great nice for viewing too… as long as the clouds play nicely :laughing: :cloud:

Fingers crossed we’ll be able to see it tonight- the pics shared around online look amazing! The red from the lunar eclipse was really stunning :red_circle: Although I suppose now that the eclipse has ended, tonight will be perfect for purely full moon magick :full_moon_with_face: :sparkles:

Glad you were both able to see and enjoy the lovely moon @rachel21 and @mary25- wishing happy moon gazing to you too! :heart:


I tried more than once to see the moon & we had fog & as far as I know (I’m pretty sure this is right because I didn’t see the moon at all last night) it’s a dense fog that rolled into sometime over the last couple of days. During the midday it’s sunny & I got SO MUCH done in my yard. I just wanted to sit & look at the moon over the areas we worked on this weekend. I’m hoping :crossed_fingers: I can see it tonight, but I am definitely putting out my crystals that I am working with, moon water, & I do have an abundance spell that I would like to do.


It sounds like you are really on a roll in your gardens- I bet everything is looking amazing! :hibiscus: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Despite being on different continents, it’s funny how often our weather is the same :laughing: :+1:

Here’s to hoping the skies are clear around the world and we can all catch sight of the lovely moon tonight! :raised_hands: :full_moon:


I will have to share pictures of the work we’ve done at least in the front garden. Today I’m not doing anything outside, time to get caught up on the inside :smile:


Last night was lovely. I sat outside and watched the eclipse while eating some ice cream. :icecream: It was one of those rare instances where the sky was clear during a celestial event. Tried to take some pictures, but they’re all blurry. :cry:


It was storming in Ohio so I was not able to see anything besides on YouTube


My husband and I couldn’t see the eclipse last night :cry: because of clouds, we tried though :heart: I certainly felt the energy :sparkles: I’m so glad you got to see it @rachel21 :heart:


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