The Demonolatry Experience

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Step into a realm of discovery and understanding as we unravel the mysteries surrounding the often-misunderstood entities known as demons. Take a seat, join us for a cup of tea, and indulge in a slice of cake as we delve into their fascinating world! Allow me to introduce you…

In our society influenced by Judeo-Christian beliefs, demons have often been painted as malevolent creatures lurking in the shadows, preying on the vulnerabilities of humanity. They’ve been cast as corrupted spirits doing Satan’s bidding or as angels who took a dark turn during the epic rebellion led by Lucifer against God. If you were to rely solely on the Bible and other Christian texts to understand what demons are, you’d hardly find a positive spin on things.

But here’s the fascinating twist: the word “Daemon” in its original Greek roots, from which we get “demon,” doesn’t come with a default evil setting – it’s more about a spirit of divine power (Ancient Greek: δαίμων, “god”, “godlike”, “power”, “fate”). As such, they occupy a unique space in the realm of spirituality. They are often considered lesser divinities or spirits, embodying abstract concepts and straddling the line between the mortal and divine worlds, and share characteristics with a diverse array of beings, including ghosts, chthonic heroes, spirit guides, forces of nature, and even the deities themselves.

In this thread, you’ll discover that this Greek definition gives a much more balanced view than what most folks are used to. Contrary to popular belief, demons aren’t all about darkness and evil. Sure, they might be on the other team compared to Angels, but remember, every story has two sides. Unfortunately, the narrative we’re most familiar with has been heavily influenced by the Biblical angle.

Some believe, under the guidance of Lucifer, demons have taken on the personas of Pagan Gods in various cultures throughout history. For many who delve into demonology, the ancient Greek, Roman, and Hindu Gods are seen as manifestations of demons adapting to different forms for different cultures. This all traces back to a momentous event known as “The Tower of Babel,” where God scattered demons in different directions across the world. This scattering led to the formation of diverse ethnicities, cultures, languages, and many of the religions we have today.

(It may sound unconventional, but if we delve into the etymology of the word “demon” from its Greek origins, we discover that it essentially translates to “spirit.” So when someone asserts that all Pagan deities are, in essence, demons, they are essentially saying that these deities have always been understood as spirits. It’s a bit of linguistic acrobatics, but since this terminology will be our point of reference here, it’s crucial I make it clear that we’re not attempting to diminish the strength, power, importance, or uniqueness of any of these pantheons in any way.)

What makes demons intriguing is their adaptability. They have appeared throughout history in various forms and names, responding to the needs and beliefs of different peoples. Demons can serve as protective spirits, guides, or sources of inspiration for those who approach them respectfully.

I’m guessing you’re here because you’ve got an itch of curiosity about demonic magick, demons, and what they might offer. Join us: this thread is here to tackle all of that, clear up some of the misconceptions, and explore our relationships with these often misunderstood spirits.

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Copyright Notice: A significant portion of the information regarding demons originates from sources that are either anonymous or date back more than a century. As a result, these materials are considered part of the public domain. For instance, the renowned work, “The Lesser Key of Solomon” (Lemegeton Clavicula Salomonis), along with its associated demon sigils, was authored anonymously as a grimoire on sorcery.


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Gain Occult Knowledge and Magickal Powers with Lilith

Lilith, known as the first woman, is thought by some to have ascended to mystical prominence by embracing the sacred name of God, YHVH, which bestowed upon her extraordinary magickal abilities. These powers, including flight, the insight into the human heart, and the capability to alter destinies with her mere presence, solidify her status as the Goddess of the left-hand path and the sovereign of magick.


  • Position Lilith’s image centrally on the altar. Flank it with a red and black candle. Position the incense in front of the image, allowing the smoke to create a mystical veil.

  • Keep the offering beside you initially. It will be formally presented to Lilith at the ritual’s conclusion.

  • Ensure that the prayer is readily accessible.

  • Attain a state of calm and confidence. Deep, measured breaths will help in focusing your mind and spirit. Confirm your commitment to this path before commencing.

The Ritual

  • Ignite the incense and candles, setting the stage for the ritual.

  • Reflect deeply on your aspiration for occult knowledge or magickal prowess.

  • Invoke Lilith with the following:

Lilith, I invoke and revere you, seeking your dark wisdom.
Lilith, illuminate my sanctuary with your enigmatic black light.
Lilith, kindle within me a synthesis of carnal excitement and intellectual dominance.
Lilith, the Great Mother, sister, and lover, bestow upon me the chalice of esoteric knowledge.
Lilith, inebriated with your essence, I grasp your majestic power.
Lilith, in the timeless void, you dissipate my fears and unveil the arcane truths.
Lilith, unleash your formidable legions to vanquish my foes.
Lilith, initiate me into the mysteries of magick under your protective cloak.
Lilith, envelop me in your cosmic embrace amidst the spiralling celestial horizon.

  • Pause to feel Lilith’s presence.

  • Petition Lilith with your request:

Oh, Dark Goddess, Mother of the Night, Lilith, hear my plea.
Lilith, guide me this very night and impart your magickal wisdom and power.
The same enlightenment you attained by invoking the divine at the dawn of existence.
Lilith, assist me in traversing the realms, to witness both the celestial splendors above and the profound darkness below.
Open the gates of perception to me.
Be present with me, Great Lilith.
Dark Goddess, accept my humble offerings.
So mote it be!

  • Contemplate your desire for knowledge or magickal ability and its transformative impact.

  • Gaze through the incense smoke at Lilith’s image, visualising her energy flowing through you. Embrace this connection fearlessly.

  • Present the offering before Lilith’s image.

  • Conclude by bidding farewell and expressing gratitude to Lilith. No formal words are required.

This marks the completion of the ritual.

You may continue to communicate with Lilith mentally if you wish. While a single performance of this ritual is typically sufficient, repeated sessions are harmless if you feel compelled to do so.

The following day, ideally, return the offering to nature. This gesture helps in grounding the ritual and maintaining a connection with the natural world.

Embarking on this ritual is a step towards exploring the mystical and magickal realms. Approach it with respect, intention, and an open heart, ready to receive the wisdom and power of Lilith.


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