The energy of Samahin

A little Samhain ritual! I see a theme this month… lol


Excitement and enthusiasm are running high- this is a really special time for witchy souls! The more content and ideas for Samhain, the better :candle::jack_o_lantern: :sparkling_heart: :blush:

Thanks for this, @Silverbear! :two_hearts:


I’m trying to put together something for me to do when my husband & I get back from “being a block behind” my daughter & her friend as they go trick or treating… we’ve had some unfortunate activity in one area of town she wants to go to & we are keeping her in our neighborhood. We know someone at least every other street & we will be walking behind them but far enough that we can still see them. :rofl: We’ll be dressed up too so it shouldn’t look too creepy or creepier than anything else walking around :joy:

I know I want it to involve the Morrigan :raven: & now my pendulum & communication cloth :laughing: This may take longer than I had originally thought in my head :grin: so this is definitely added to my watch list for your channel!