The future as a weather forecast

So I view the future as at least somewhat fluid. Are there possible unavoidable events sure but often our future is one we are crafting now. If we are to believe the cards are the way the spirit world is giving us a look or forecast of the skies ahead then as good sailors we should surely take heed and grab that wheel to guide the ship away from storms we believe they are warning against? Now doing that might just change those cards entirely. I know I could do another reading with the ship now headed to harbor to tie up but just wanted to run it past the others here to see if dare I say it…I am all wet in my thought process. Yes I had not one not two but three cards in a row that I related to something very specific and they all held in my eye potential ominous messages. I then took bold action to make sure I was not going to sail straight into that storm. It is my hope that such would be the way to approach it.


Love the way you wrote this!
I think forewarnings can be to detour us away from the storms, but yet also teach us or prepare us for how to manage them and avoid maybe sinking in the puddles. :grin:


I feel the same way about tarot, @jim- I love how you likened it to a weather forecast! :clap: While those who believe that fate is completely written in stone will disagree, I personally agree with the idea that the future is very fluid- I feel that it constantly shifts and adjusts to the actions of the present.

Tarot has always been a way to see ahead, and the cards are like a telescope peering into whichever direction we set them towards. They help warn us about things coming that way, giving us enough time to change course and head in another direction :compass:

Thanks for sharing, Jim! That was a great read. And I’m loving how @Rowan jumped in with the analogy too :ocean: :joy::+1:


I agree, I think the cards help in seeing what may lie ahead if we do or don’t make certain choices.

I like the metaphor of the map because the cards are a tool for discovery and analysis. The weather forecast is a good one too!