The Green Knight: Streaming on Showtime

Last night my husband & I watched a series on Exepdition Unknown with Josh Gates about Leif Erickson, Vikings, & Norse Mythology/Civilazation. It was very good & wound up landing kind of in my backyard. A smaller island off of Martha’s Vineyard has a stone with Leif Erickson’s name in runic letters & the date. Sort of a version of Leif Erickson was here :laughing:

My recommendation for an intriguing & interesting movie is on Showtime. It may be streaming but I know I can watch it OnDemand right now too. The Green Knight . It’s a romance tale/story from the time of :crown: King Arthur by Anonymous adapted into a movie. King Arthur’s sister has a son & she is a “witch”. Within the tale is mention of Yuletide, witchcraft, pentacles :pentacle_tarot:, runes :algiz:, bindrunes, runic writing, and rituals. The Green Knight is a Yuletide “Game”, kind of a choose wisely scenario. Whatever mark you leave upon “The Green Knight” in one year at Yule/Christmas the knight leaving the mark, must meet the Green Knight at the Green Chapel for return of the same mark or cut given to him by the sword, except he uses an axe.

You follow the nephew through how he became the one to have the challenge, his love, his journey, & results of the “game” at Christmas time. I would say to pay attention to when the words are across the screen that tells you things like:

  • The Journey Out
  • A Small Interlude
  • The Journey Home

There are a few more, but just make sure you know what they say or later in the movie will get confusing.

Lol :rofl: I had to rewind a couple of times. I thought it was good. I like those kinds of movies & such that have to do with those times & how people lived & everything. So fascinating to me, so their history, tales, & mythology also intrigue me with how they viewed paganism.


I really want to see this one! :star_struck: I actually have a bit of a silly story about The Green Knight, but I already told it here so I won’t repeat it again lol. Everytime I hear the title I still get a little chuckle and think of trying to read it in Old English :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Thanks for the recommendation, @Susurrus! I’m glad you enjoyed it :green_heart: :crown:


Oh! I saw that just now & it explains the opening credits where it says the period & that it’s adapted from a Romance story of the time in Old English. I love finding out background to these stories. Thank you so much for linking to the post! :heart:


It’s an intense movie! I’m glad I watched it, and the visuals were incredible, but I don’t think it’s one I’ll revisit much because of that intensity.


I’m going to add it to my watch list! Thanks for the recommendation :blush:


I found some of the scenery parts, like the forests, were just gorgeous but I understand where the intensity of some of the visuals could be overwhelming for some. I think it’s the way they film those scenes because it is definitely a different type of filming than the regular flow of the movie.

I’m glad that you enjoyed it though @gardenstone. Honestly, I don’t know how often I will revisit it, I found it by accident because my anxiety needed a distraction :grin: Thank you for watching it! :revolving_hearts:

@MeganB I was fascinated at well, all of it but then when I realized how much of it was based off of “witchcraft” of the time or in the tale I was so much more intrigued. I looking at things & telling my husband what they are & their meanings as we know them :rofl:


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