The Healing Power of Darkness

I just read the link. Reminds me of my story of the man taking me. You asked some great questions. Which I don’t know how to answer because any option of why we feel these things could be true maybe? That you listed that is


I love the darkness - I always have. Everything dark and unknown has always fascinated me. Part of this love of darkness most likely stems from my childhood and different things that happened, but I have always found comfort in the dark. I’ve never understood the fear of darkness, because the things comfortable in darkness often have the most to teach us about hiding, silence, and growth.

The darkness of our minds is where our shadow resides. It is within darkness that we discover ourselves, but it is also where we discover the spirits and magic that we work with. While I’m capable of working magic during the day, I am much more comfortable working by candle or moonlight. I’ve never thought about it too much, but I’m much more comfortable in darkness and silence than I am in bright light and loud noise.

One thing that I started teaching my child from a young age is that there’s nothing there in the dark that isn’t there in the light. Honestly, I think it comes from a Doc McStuffins episode :laughing: but it’s such a helpful thing to remember! Even now I remind her of this, and she’s ten. For example, if you’re afraid of the dark because of spirits or ghosts, it’s helpful to remember that those spirits exist even in the light. It’s the darkness and obscurity of a lack of light that makes them more scary. They’re just spirits, though! (I hope you don’t take this as me treating you like a child - quite the opposite! Sometimes it’s the simplest explanation that’s the easiest to understand.)

Thank you for sharing the article @vanessa :blush:


@MeganB thankyou for this. I’ll try to utilize it! No I don’t take it that way. I appreciate your advice so much. Thankyou. That’s good advice


You’re very welcome! :heart: I hope it helps you!