The issue of 'coming out'

The issue of coming out is a private matter. So many outside factors pulling you, fear, fire and brimstone, familial or social disapproval. Some communities might even ostracize you.

While it might be illegal for employers to discriminate against your Pagan faith, it might not help you get chosen for a promotion. Unfortunately, that is a necessary risk to take. For every Witch who comes out of the broom closet, there are probably a dozen who remain in hiding.
And no matter what anybody says, it’s your decision. And that’s ok.
I studied for years in many religions and found that they did not meet my needs. One Sunday at dinner, I asked to say grace. As I blessed the food and family and Goddess above, I smiled at everyone at the table.

Now we’re talking devout Catholics, Lutherans, Methodists, and Baptists. I was met with total silence, thanked them, and passed the mashed potatoes.

Of course, I’m now the eccentric Aunt, the family nut-bunny, and other more unpleasant names but I no longer have to care about what’s socially acceptable. I’ve always done what I wanted, Said whatever I wanted, and enjoyed every minute of my life.

Would I change anything? No, I don’t think so, because then I wouldn’t be who I am today.
Would I live it again? Excuse my language but hell no! Once in this lifetime is enough.
I’ll leave that for another life. I just hope I’m just as hard-headed as I am now. :wink:
Be brave children, but stay safe.


You are my role model, Garnet- I aspire to live with as much heart, passion, and beautiful fire as you do! :fire::heart:

This is a really lovely post (you always word things so well! I bet when you said Grace that night that it was a masterpiece of a blessing) and I truly enjoyed reading it- thank you for sharing your wisdom and love. You’re a real blessing :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Lots of love to you! :two_hearts:


Wow. You go, @Garnet! Shakespeare said it best, “This above all else, to thine own self be true.”


You’re exactly right! :heart:

I can say I haven’t been like this my entire life but now? Now I don’t really care anymore :joy: I’m getting more and more comfortable with myself and being true to myself. It’s difficult sometimes but I think it’s so worth it!


You will always be my favorite ‘Nut-Bunny’ :peanuts: :rabbit2: Garnet! :rofl:

I love :heart: you, my friend :people_hugging:


@Garnet I’m glad you shared this. I’m slowly opening up with me being a witch and there are times where I’m worried about what other people think. I know that this my choice.

I wore my hair down today and had my lovely earrings that represents the goddess. After my workout I had my hair up and left it up for the entire day so everyone could see them.

Thank you for the post @Garnet it definitely inspires me to be me and not care what others think



Garnet, can I be in your family? :rofl::rofl::rofl: I have such a warm affection for you and I realize it whenever I read your posts. Being in your family would be fun! Thanks for posting this.


Ron honey,
Spells8 is my real family, so you are part of my family, warts and all. LOL



Bwhahahahahaha… :hugs:


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