The Lady in the Lake - Mermaid magic

I am trying to find some source material for the Lady in the Lake associated with the Arthurian legend. My research to date is concluding that the Lady in the Lake was a mermaid. Are there any fellow members here that follow mermaid magic or sea witchcraft that can direct me to some source material to that I can read or watch?


I’ve never seen the Lady of the Lake described as a mermaid… :thinking: I’ve seen her described as Merlin’s ex-lover and captor, a powerful enchantress, and a foster mother to Lancelot. I found some sources that you might find helpful!

Some say the Lady of the Lake may be connected to different goddesses, but there’s no real way of knowing that for sure. The source material for the Lady of the Lake is going to be the different tellings and re-tellings of Arthurian legend.


I feel you won’t really find anything definitive on it. It’s funny as I love the Lady of the Lake, in fact Mist of Avalon is my all time favourite book. Never heard of the Lady being referred to as a mermaid but I guess it could make sense.

If you want, you can read anything by Marion Zimmer Bradley, as that was my introduction to the Lady of the Lake side of the Arthurian legend. It won’t be sea witch or mermaid related but it’s an interesting take on it.


What a very interesting idea! I’ve never heard of that either, but it could make sense for sure! I do love a mermaid! I am going to think on this for awhile! I’d love see what else you come up with or if you find any other information!


Hi @robin3,

I was reading up on the Goddess Ceridwen last night and noticed that one of the names she goes by is “Lady of the Lake”. She has some ties to Arthurian legend, but no direct links to mermaids that I could see (though that doesn’t mean they don’t exist!)

From Spells8: Goddess Cerridwen

I hope your quest for information has been going well!

Blessed be :sparkles: