The NewYork Times!?

I suppose you all have read it!!!

When Did Everybody Become a Witch?

Just found it and read it.:thinking:


Unfortunately I can’t read the article because The New York Times is behind a paywall and I’m not going to subscribe to their website :laughing:


Anyway, how can I get extracts of the article without braking any rules?
Unfortunale got subscribed while trying to close the link, it borrowed my address from Google.
As non American, I did find it…controversial?

Sorry, I do not like uncomfortable silence unless am doing it.
Therefore is good bye for me.
Been waiting and waiting and not reply from you.
Have to thank Pedros for pasting the article. Now I can safely delete the article in my phone.
Hope you can read it now.
Don’t want my subscription renewed this month.
I also have instructed my bank to do so.
I am busy too, you know?
Good luck


Gracias Pedros 10​:pray::+1:


It’s an interesting article, thanks for sharing @basil!

I can see another wave of witches on the rise. A couple years ago it was “hex Donald Trump”. Now there’s the abortion laws recently passed in Texas that will cause a similar reaction. Here’s an article about that: Texas’s restrictive new abortion law eerily echoes the witch hunts of centuries ago

Edit: link removed. You can read the NYT online for free with a public library card.


You can’t actually get the article for free without breaking any laws. Even with the link that @pedros10 gave it still pops up behind a paywall for me asking for a subscription. That’s okay, though. I’m sorry you were waiting for my reply. I’m a fairly busy person and don’t always have time to reply right away. I hope you have a wonderful day :blush:


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