The Pulp Girls Tarot :tarot_card: (my new deck!)

After watching a video over “The Pulp Girls Tarot” I just had to get it for myself!

I follow this channel on YouTube called Wicked Moonlight and she does review videos over tarot/oracle decks. I love the artwork, colors, and aesthetic of this deck. It also came with a full color guide book. I ordered mine off of Amazon but have also seen it at Barnes and Noble. Im sure if you do a quick online search you can see where to purchase it.


That’s such an interesting and modern take on the traditional RWS style of deck. I love it! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


@Missa what a great find… I will have to put it onto 1 of many lists to look through… I’m currently on a deck buying freeze after figuring out that is really kind of bad coping mechanism of mine… buying decks… so over the last we’ll say month… I’m the proud new owner of 7 new tarot decks & 2 oracle decks (although 1 of them is actually a deck of only Major Arcana that came with the tarot deck…)

But! I will look into this one & put it on my deck list! :revolving_hearts: Thank you :hugs:


Whoa. That looks like an awesome deck! I can’t imagine replacing my Robin Wood Tarot but this would be on the top of the list if I did!


Bright colors and pretty art- this deck is beautiful! Thank you for sharing it, @Missa, I hope your new deck arrives safe and sound and that it serves you well- enjoy it! :flower_playing_cards: :blush::heart: