The rest of my goodies came in 😁

The stones in the picture came from The crystal council. I got blue aventurine, apache tears, aragonite, prasiolite and scolecite. These are all the first of each type in my collection and I’m pretty excited about them. I already cleansed them and I know have them sitting in the window charging since it’s slightly cloudy out so the sun doesn’t do any damage to them :grin:


Very cool! And it’s a full moon Monday, you’ll be able to charge those crystals up nicely!


Ooh, scolecite is one of my favorites!!! They’re all so beautiful!!


Congrats on your new treasures, @phoenix_dawn! :partying_face: I love the crystals but I’m also in awe of those gorgeous new markers- look at all the colors! :heart_eyes: Will you be using them in your new coloring book? :art::blush:


I definitely will.i had way more pens than this at one point but during my addiction days staying here and there people stole them or they got lost and so I decided to restock with a travel case this time. I love using a wide variety of colors in my work and was super excited that these had metallic, neon, pastel and glitter colors. It also came with refill cartridges for each pen too! :grin:

I actually got 2 new coloring books (I wasn’t really happy with the occult women book) the second one actually has pictures of the the triple moon goddess, Gaia, Aphrodite, isis, selene, Rhiannon etc. And that book comes with 2 copies of each picture :grin:


With those dark days behind you, it sounds like you are filling your fresh new life with color! :rainbow: :blush: Good for you, Phoenix- may everyday be colorful and bright for you. And a travel case is a great idea, you can take your coloring with you on the go! :star_struck:

Enjoy your coloring books- have fun with it! And feel free to share your finished masterpieces when they’re ready if you’d like- I’d love to see them! :heart:


Beautiful Stones🥰


@phoenix_dawn beautiful stones… I love aragonite stone💜 it helped me with grounding whe I first started my life’s transition.


The aragonite sphere is beautiful but I was able to purchase a gorgeous aragonite cluster from the lovely @Missa but I don’t currently have a picture of it


I love the pens you got! I want to get a set but they are so expensive. Your crystals are beautiful as well :mending_heart: :heart_eyes_cat: