Thursdays Inspiration 🧐


Very true! I try hard every day but every once in a while, it doesn’t totally work out.


You’re normal then!!!


Oh damn, I never thought of that! Lol… what is this normal that you speak of?


The owner of ‘The witches Box’ sent me an email and this was in it:

What is Witchcraft

Beyond all the layers of traditions, cultures and specializations that we hear about and live out as Witches, at its core, distilled to its most simplest definition Witchcraft is a spirituality of connection.

In truth spirituality in general is about connection, but when I link that specifically to Witchcraft, what I’m referring to is that the very nature of a Witch’s mode of interacting with existence is to connect to both the world of the seen and the unseen . In this sense, connection also is very intimately woven with relationship, but we’ll get into that at another time!

This is about our growing capacity to sense and read the energy waves of a space, botanicals, land, entities that have passed or have always lived in the beyond. It’s about the connection we refine over time with the rhythms of natural life, the dynamic between souls, the circuits of collective unconscious wisdom passed along the slipstreams of time.

It’s in the dancing with these points of connection that we weave our magic, our healing and the worlds we spin when we speak them out loud for all universe to hear.

THIS is the Witchcraft we seek to dive deeper into here at The Witches Box. And I invite you this week to really give consideration to the ways in which your Witchcraft path seeks connection, has challenges with connections and answers the call of your soul.


Isn’t that something? I read it several times before I was able to digest the letter. Then I said “Yea, that’s right!”
I do love the site, but it’s too expensive for me to join.


Do you mean to tell me I might be normal?? I’m not having it lol :joy: This one is so true, thank you lovely :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Hahaha :joy: everyone has feelings are they’re all valid