Time for a Belly Laugh! Pardon the Pun!

Well I was on Wish a week ago, and you know those limited sales for like 50 cents?? They say if you do it and complete it and are the first one, you will get it for that price, I did a bunch of them, all I could find, okay now, remember, time to laugh, 65 and alive!!!
I won the…the…yep I did!! So now I have a new hobby to take up!!!

belly dance


Age is but only a number Roxanne! I’ve always heard you are only as old as you feel


Well I will try to shake it and see what happens, if I throw the old hip out of alignment uh oh!! loll lol lol It will be good for me. I am sure…

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Hahaha the main thing is that you have FUN! hopefully without any injuries :slight_smile:


Woohoo!!! You go, girl- that’s awesome!!! :laughing: :two_hearts: I’ve been belly dancing off and on for the past 3 years and I love it- every group/tribe I’ve been with has been such a welcoming and loving group of supportive ladies, and the dance is a great exercise too! :dancer:

The leader of my very first group is an older lady- she’s been dancing for several decades now and is one of the most graceful and beautiful dancers I know! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Listen to @Trey- you’re only as old as you let yourself be! Be in tune with your body while you dance to avoid strains or injuries, but definitely put on some fun music and enjoy! :musical_note::sparkling_heart:

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Go Go @roxanne shake that belly till you can’t shake no more…lol