Time to settle and get comfortable

Ah. Now that brunch, for me is my breakfast as i wake between 9-11 am, is done with and my morning rutine of making coffee and haveing a smoke. Are done just gotta do my morning zen class ( i have an xbox 360 video game with zen classes on it i do a session every morning) then its time to settle down and get comfortable and read. I spend most days with my nose in a book.


Sounds like a good way to spend your day!


I would love to have your life! I love to read, but I have so little time to do it.


Yea i live a vary quiet life. Im not at all like my peers who are all into partys and bars. I honestly perfer to stay home and watch a movie or tv show or read a book with music playing. Or do art stuff.

And living my life even someone with my quiet life has major life issues.


Sounds like the perfect day!


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