Time Waster/ Anxiety Buster

Good Day! I just had to share the coloring app that I use as a time waster/ anxiety buster. I know it is available on Android, not sure about iPhone. It is called “Paint by Number” and looks like this:
Screenshot_20220719-161354_Game Launcher

I’ve always loved the pictures this app has but they have recently upped their game. Here are just a few of the pagan related pictures I’ve completed while under COVID’s influence.

There are also images of dragons, faeries, and other creatures.


Oh wow, those are awesome!


I really liked seeing the last one! It sounds very relaxing to do too. How long does it usually take to complete one picture?


I really like the pictures they have! I know that regular coloring helped me with my anxiety, I’ve never tried virtual coloring! Thank you for sharing!


That sounds amazing, @Amaris_Bane! A way to soothe anxiety, create something beautiful (without the mess lol), and enjoy some lovely artwork- I’m sold! :grinning:

I’ll definitely be looking into this app- thank you so much for the recommendation! :heart:


@Francisco, it depends on the picture. Some are really simple so it takes only a few minutes. Others are made up of lots of little pieces so it takes quite a bit longer. I think the longest one was around 20 minutes. It was a image you could use as a background on your phone and the pieces were tiny. Plus there was 97 colors! I’ll add some pictures of what the pictures look like before coloring in shortly.

@Siofra_Strega, I love regular coloring too. This was actually suggested by my psychiatrist for when I’m out and about. It helps keep my mind occupied (ADHD) while still calming me (anxiety). I will still break out the crayons and adult coloring books at home from time to time.

@TheTravelWitch_Bry, yes! I have tried painting in the past but I just make a mess, lol. This is much easier.


Adding some before pictures.

Some pictures will have hard outlines for each block of color.

Zoomed in slightly

Some will be more like a painting with outlines but the colors blends more together.

Zoomed in

And some are a complete mystery until you finish them. These are my favorite! You never know what you end up with or the level of “difficulty.”

They have a section called “For You” and the fill it with images based on what you color in the most. Mine is filled with witches, fantasy creatures, and nature pictures.


This sounds intriguing & like something I need for when I need to not think about EVERYTHING


As if you already didn’t have me sold on this, the pictures you are sharing are just :kissing_closed_eyes: :ok_hand: 100% my aesthetic- what a fun collection! And the surprise ones!?! I feel like it would be easy to get addicted to this :joy::+1:

I still need to download the app, but in the meantime I bought two paint-by-number picture kits yesterday because I just kept thinking about how fun this looks- can’t wait for them to arrive! :art::grinning:


I have one of a pit bull (my breed of choice for many years now) that I purchased several years ago and haven’t finished. :joy::joy::joy: I just find other things to work on. I’m the odd one out in my family that I’m the only one that doesn’t have a creative bone in my body. But that’s why I ended up with a Masters in Biochemistry (Molecular Genetics) and owning a cybersecurity consulting company. :woman_shrugging::woman_shrugging:


Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t feel like creativity is limited to just the “arts”- you found a way to pursue your interest and came up with a way to turn your passion into a working livelihood, which is very creative if you ask me! :grinning: Every business has to apply creativity in some way- you created a business and used ingenuity to make it successful! Give yourself more credit, my friend- you sound like a very smart and creative person to me :heart::blush:

Awwww that sounds like a cute picture! :heart_eyes: I got one of flowers and one of the ocean, but I think if I saw a cute cat one (and I am sure they are out there lol) I probably couldn’t resist either :laughing: :+1: :art:


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