Tips for astral travel

Im getting more and more interested in trying astral travel but i have no idea how to start. Any tips?


I start with the total relaxation method.
All during this exercise, keep reminding yourself, you are safe, nothing can harm you.
It’s best if you have a guided lesson to go by, someone to talk you through it.
YouTube has some and I think there are many guided meditations on this site, depending on what you’re looking for.
Sit or lie down, imagine a golden light (or the light of the Holy spirit if you prefer.),Starting at your feet, concentrate on them, moving the light to your ankles etc. basically touching each chakra relaxing as you go. Tell each area of your body to relax, take away any remembered pain. When you reach your throat, relax each muscle, then to jaw, relax, to your 3rd eye. This chakra can be seen in many Indian Deity pictures, in the middle of the forehead.
The first time I did this one, it almost scared me. With closed eyes, concentrate on the back of your eyelid, in time, you actually see the shape of an eye.
As you reach the top of your head, imagine your “spirit” (It was like an opaque version of myself) leaving your body and hovering above it.
Alright, now, what do you want to do?
I wanted to fly! So like Peter Pan I flew over mountains & rivers & valleys & plains…it was marvelous.
I didn’t want to come back, but all good thing must end.
This is why a guided exercise is so important. There’s someone to bring you back.
My fear that one could get lost out there and not find their way home.
I’ve done this many times since my first time. I even created a private sacred space on the Astral Plane. It was there I met my guardian Angel, Michael, the Victorious.
Communication was psychic, no words were spoken.
He led me to a huge room with lots of tall plants. I kept walking until I broke though an opening.
There were 3 thrones. An elderly gentleman sat in the largest (in my minds eye, he looked like Zeus). To his left, beside her throne was the most beautiful woman I’d ever seen. She welcomed me with open arms and I knew this Aphrodite like woman was my Goddess. The third throne was empty, but from the right a young man came, blue jeans and work shirt! I never knew who he was, for Michael took my hand and led me away.
I found myself flying back to my body.
I’ve never felt so cleansed in my life.
That was how I met my God and Goddess, face to face.
So when I do my devotions, prayers or spells, I can focus on a being.
Please do a guided meditation, don’t try this alone. I cannot stress this often enough!
Blessed be and stay safe


@christina4 may be able to help you with getting started!

I hope you are doing well & things are moving along with your new home!


The typical starting point is meditation. You really have to master meditation before you can get any profound experiences with astral travel.

We have discussed this before in the Forum, check out this topic: I want to try astral projection for the first time---Any tips?

For a simple technique, try this:

  1. Lay in bed in a position where you can fully relax. Close your eyes, scan your body for tension and relax more.
  2. Either empty your mind completely, or focus on one thing (such as a mantra, sound, breath).
  3. If you can manage to keep this concentration for a few minutes, you will feel a vibration or buzz. It can be scary and it requires many attempts.
  4. Your experience from here may vary, including falling asleep, waking sleep paralysis, lucid dreaming, etc.

As mentioned above, there are many guided meditations in Youtube which can help as a starting point. Check out the link I added above too.


I love this but I wanna add that you can listen to music such as

Theta Realms is great for astral travel, lucid dreaming and the sort.

I scare myself while I wake up because I’m going back into my body and I jump because it feels like somebody is moving me or touching me.

The biggest thing is practice! It took me quite a while to astral travel. Half the time, you might not remember that you did it in the first place. Keep a dream journal, too. With that said, good luck and believe that you can do it. Actually, even say an affirmation before bed every night. For example:
Tonight, I’m going to astral travel and remember the dream. Something simple like that.


I wish :laughing: Astral travel, or any other Otherworldly travel for that matter, escapes my grasp. I have tried and practiced time and time again but I just haven’t been able to get the hang of it :laughing:


Megan, you may have a block, because you are far too talented and powerful not to accomplish anything you want.

Sending encouragement.


@Garnet – Ehh :woman_shrugging:t3: I just attribute it to my mental health lol

As for anything to help, you might find the book The Witch at the Forest’s Edge helpful. The author talks about creating rituals and has an entire chapter dedicated to hedgeriding that you may find useful.

I interviewed the author if you wanna check that out. We even talk a bit about my struggle with Otherworldly travel :laughing:


So im gonna blur some of these details because it could possibly trigger some one. last night i had a lot of trouble falling asleep which is normal for me during the week of a full moon but i got out of bed and moved onto the couch. I had what seemed like a very vivid and intense dream that i had relapsed. I could hear the voices of people that i used to run with but i dont remember ever seeing any faces or even bodies. But the sensation of the actual relapse was so intense that i woke up feeling every effect of it and feeling “sick” like i would if the drugs were wearing off and i have yet to be able to shake the dream or the craving yet today. Had i not woken up beside my fiancé who is also in recovery id have sworn i had actually relapsed. But ive also had this vibration feeling through every inch of my body all day and it gets stronger when i meditate in attempt to clear the dream from my mind. I wasnt trying to astral travel last night but is it possible that i did it by accident once i got comfortable enough to finally fall asleep and that my astral self may have relapsed?


As with any addiction, you can back slide. When I quit smoking I sometimes followed smoker so I could smell their smoke.
This seems like perhaps your subconscious throwing obstacles in your way.
Astral travel has been on your mind and many of us discussed it with you, perhaps it was just your conscious mind during REM sleep and you slipped into one of those lucid dreams that terrify you.
As for astral travel? It is possible, that’s why I’m so adamant about having a guide to guide you and keep you from falling into this situation.
My advice for now would be to blow it off, take all the time you need. Drink soothing tea, watch nature grow, you’ll make it.
As for you addiction, Phoenix, you are brave, you are strong, much stronger than you realize. Hang in there my Pretty Snoopy, I love you and we all support you.
Blessed be, be safe
I’ll light a candle to keep you strong.


Thank you @Garnet i havent actually relapsed but that dream felt so real that i felt like i was suffocating and actually snapped at Cody and told him he was smothering me and to scoot over (i did apologize this morning when i remembered doing it and hes been very gentle and has done amazing trying to keep my mind busy today) ive had relapse dreams before that were intensely vivid like this before but never any that left me feeling sick or with cravings the next day. Thankfully us and our girls live with his parents until our house is ready to move into so im never alone enough to find myself getting into temptations path.


I call these dreams 'Night terrors" because they’re so real.
Rich says I talk in my sleep, he doesn’t worry too much unless I try to leave the bed. He’s caught me going out the door before. When we lived in a two story house, he used to lock the door so I couldn’t get away and get hurt.
I love ya


@Francisco Good evening and Merry meet! I would like a more precised tip on how to get back. Is there a time set limitations for astral traveling? What if I got stuck or die? Do we ultimately get back in our own body afterward? If someone shook me up, will I get back immediately?

Moreover, in terms of goals why should one’s Astral travel for? I think missions should be fixed. I have heard testimonies of people on YouTube telling there was bad spirits preventing them from entering their own body and after many pleasured attempts, they found themselves naturally and unprovocatively astral travelling. This was tiring for them.




Hi @SingingWitch

During astral travel, you don’t lose your free will. You don’t “lose control” of your own body or mind. You are not asleep but rather somewhere between being fully awake and fully asleep.

Similarly to being hypnotized (or a self-hypnosis session), you are the one in control. Don’t be misguided by the exaggerated media portrayals of hypnotists making people do things against their will, that’s never the case in real life.

If someone were to shake you, you would come back right away. The other alternative is that you fall asleep and come awake when ready.

Astral travel, in and of itself, isn’t dangerous. As to why you would do it, it can be a therapeutic tool, but like any tools, if used inappropriately it could cause harm. For example, if you have a serious health condition such as being prone to having a heart attack or seizure when remembering a very bad moment in life.

If you are worried about things such as bad spirits or death, I recommend that you try to dispel those ideas before you go into astral projection because those thoughts could affect the outcome of your experience.

Instead, start the experience with positive and wholesome thoughts about yourself and your imminent experience. Visualize a protective circle and a white light around you.

Regarding spontaneous astral travel, I recommend you check out this topic in the Forum: My 1st Astral Travel Podcast


@Francisco Thank you! It somehow calm my worries a bit. Hoping I be able to do it one day.

One last question: if I was on bed and made a dream of me using my phone and woke up really fast with the very real intention to put it to charge. Was that a start? Lollll I don’t want to sound stupid🐽… I ll listen to your podcast very soon.



Know it’s long, but I couldn’t make it any shorter. Astral travel, I’m going to get to it at the end. But what you’re experiencing, that I may provide some sort of framework on what’s going on, to get you to the realm of where astral travel happens.

And to show that this isn’t coming from the top of my head, but there is a body of thought behind it outside of myself, will make references.

Recall in another post of yours, you mentioned that shortly after your meditation, you heard a deep sort of raspy voice calling your name, but now with these sensations you are going through. There is an obvious procession to what you are experiencing. That voice, I glossed over the mention of it could be the Great Dragon, Poimandres, still wasn’t too sure. But now, coupled with you are having very vivid dreams, and feeling very vibratory sensations. That was the Great Dragon. Now I will go more into it. It is said when Hermes Trismegistus was meditating “Hermes, while wandering in a rocky and desolate place, gave himself over to meditation and prayer… The Great Dragon called Hermes by name.” That voice called you by your name as well, shortly after your meditation and the ritual prayer you performed. This is not the end, just the beginning. The story of Hermes Trismegistus and The Great Dragon is very allegorical, and seemingly very far reaching, it is but it is not as well, it does require work through discipline, meditation, prayer, You’re not going to see a dragon, but you will hear that voice, and most likely more times over, it will start speaking to you, don’t respond back to it, or try to communicate with it, just listen. This should and will be only temporary, once you move pass, cause again it is only the beginning. Rejoice, your hard work is paying off. Want to note not everyone has to run into this when on their way either. It happens to some.

Now with this vibratory sensation and the desire to astral travel. I’m going to start off from Wikipedia, Closed Eye Hallucinations or Visualization:

There are 5 levels to CEV (closed eye visualization)

So as Francisco mentioned, “ you will feel a vibration or buzz” which you are.

This very well sounds like level 4 , “Levels of CEV perception… Level 4: Objects and things… A side component of this is the ability to feel motion when the eyes are closed“ It is has been said that at Level 4 one may astral travel.

Now with this link I provided, being that these experiments are drug induced, Level 5 is a no no. Level 5 is the negative effect from the drugs used to get the test subjects to these CEV levels, so pull back to only Level 4. Those drugs they use are no good.

Levels 1-4 may be achieved through meditation, discipline, focus [a mantra or yantra or if you choose a flame (not to long though, a minute at most - close your eyes, focusing and holding that imagine of the light for a long as you can, and when it fades completely, still meditate) or some other geometrical shape that has a high meaning to you] and the desire for betterment. There are other techniques mentioned by those here as well.

These “visuals” and “dreams” that you are experiencing, it is mostly the visualization component of the chatter and thoughts that pass you through out the day and into the night, distractions, the lower, and you’re going to have to work on getting and staying out of it, if you want to. And you have the tarot and other tools to help guide you on what is what.

Now this is my personal perspective, without any backing, with all you’re going through, you’re definitely on your royal road. Now with astral traveling, unless it’s to the highest level divine/cosmic/ universe level, I’m silent on it. Where do you want to travel to? Have a destination in mind. When laying on your back at night, just say “May I astral travel to …” and keep your mind clear when falling asleep. If a high place, allow some time, don’t force it. You will be like The Hermit card, finding the path.

Ultimately, don’t do more than one can handle, if it gets too much, just pull back, can always come back when and if ever ready again, get back on that road. Have some fun. The road of life.


@Eliza_01 thank you for that background on the great dragon and for the very thorough explanation i will definitely have to look more into that and check out the link you shared with me


Very welcome!


Thank you @Francisco i had some trouble with the website for a while. I could not respond to all the comments for me.
This is an great explanation @SingingWitch please forgive me for not responding promptly.
I now have the app. Which is much easier to navigate.


I absolutely agree with you Francisco!