To Witch or not to Witch, what is the question?

Words are dangerous. They can be used to describe, not necessarily to entitle. That’s for royalty who still believe in succession via blood lines.
In Democratic societies, You may wear a ‘title’ but it is just a description of what they do, not Who they are. They are male, female, tall, short etc.
Words can hurt, encourage, anger, illuminate and every other emotion you can think of. But they are just words
In the last year, many posts have been made about the term titles.
Magickal is a title. "I am Magical!
Witch is a title. “I am a Witch!” But what do they mean?
Magickal is a talent you have, not what you are.
The same for the term Witch. Witch is actually a vocation with many turns in your road to learning and perfecting your ‘talent’. Since Magick is a never ending book of knowledge, you’re reading the rest of your life…
When one says “I love being a Witch!” Are they bragging, thumbing their nose at the world, or are they saying that they love what they’ve learned, or they are comfortable in the new vocation they’ve Chosen?
That should be enough from me, for now.


Well said, @Garnet Thank you for sharing your wisdom… makes a lot of sense to me.


@Garnet to me too :heart:


Beautifully written as always, Garnet! :heart:

This is a good point! Although, while I’m sure some people wear words and titles to show off to others, when it comes to wearing your achievements, I think there’s a very fine line between trying to impress and having self-pride.

I know pride is one of the “seven deadly sins” from Christianity made mainstream through media, but personally I think it’s okay to be proud of what you’ve done? It’s not true for everyone (and I think it’s safe to say we all know someone who could benefit from taking a break from tooting their own horn :joy:), but for many I see learning how to be proud and put your achievements on display lead to increased self-confidence, which opens so many new doors. It can also lead to the very powerful and healing practice of gratitude :pray:

Even if it’s an act of pride, even if it’s done to “show off to others”, I like to think there are some very wholesome and good aspects mixed in too- and you said it perfectly here:

I really love this :heart:

Apologies, maybe I dug too deeply into this one (and perhaps it’s just me being really fond of badges and titles! :joy:) but I’m always very moved by your works, Garnet- they inspire me so much! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Thank you so much for sharing your writing and all the wisdom it holds!

Much love and many blessings :sparkling_heart:


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