Tonight's Moon Spell/Meditation

After doing the Lunar spell and Meditation tonight,(Once again thank you to @Francisco for a wonderful spell/meditation) I am filled with gratitude and I felt called to share with my kids statements of gratitude or to express how proud I am of them for specific things or traits about them. Some are coming into new phases of their lives, discovering new paths, and one is just maintaining their strength as he navigates turbulent waves life brings in at times in regards to financial matters and health.
I think it’s important for us, people in general, to be told or shown admiration or gratitude even for the smallest wins we experience. It’s nice to hear someone is proud of us, its the best boost!
I want to thank our coven and its many members too, for the lessons I’ve learned, the words I’ve received in positive compliments or affirmations, and for just the all in all belonging feeling.
I appreciate each of you and our coven.
Side note : I got my Palmistry book today, and I am just loving it so far. Well written, no condescending tone/verse or push to learn in one certain way, an easy flow of information with great detail. I am excited to begin learning and practicing Palmistry.

Tomorrow I am going to the ocean, or church rather to release some negative past occurrences, some left over baggage in a sense and rejuvenate myself, a moment to pause and soak up some beauty.
I wish everyone an easy Sunday.
Blessed Be


This is a very nice book. Thanks for sharing.


Thanks for helping me add another book to my list :laughing: I hope you recover from the unneeded baggage. That’s important to do!!!


:rofl::wink:You’re very welcome!
Right? Unnecessary baggage or residual negative energy crumbs can be heavy.
How’s your daughter?


Congrats to your children for all of their accomplishments, @Rowan- you have every right to be a proud momma! Thanks for sharing the love, and wishing the same back to you, much love and many blessings! :heart::blush:

(And enjoy your new Palmistry book! There was just a new thread about Basics of Palmistry created, so if you find anything interesting, please feel free to share it there! :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed: :star_struck: )


Thank you @BryWisteria :relaxed:


You’re very welcome, Rowan- blessed be! :sparkling_heart: