Tonight's Moon Spell Question

Merry Meet I am wondering is there a best time of the night to do the moon spell as tonight is 1st quarter. Is there any significance to where the moon is located in the sky to do my lunar spell. Have a Blessed eve and thanks Dave


I David, I hope you don’t mind but I moved your comment to a new post so more people can see it and answer :blush:

As for my answer, in my opinion, it doesn’t really matter what time you do the spell. If it’s meant to be done during the 1st quarter then anytime during the 1st quarter should be fine :blush:

Also, I don’t think it matters where the moon is in the sky for your spell, not unless you need to have moonlight touch an object or a visual of the moon during your spell.


Thank you Megan for the quick response. I know with moon water must have the moon shine on the water. I was not sure of height horizon time etc. SO thank you cleared up my concerns thank you so much Dave


You’re welcome :pray:t3: happy to help!

I hope whatever you’re doing (or already did!) was a success :star:


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