Trash to Treassure, Finding Tools

When starting out or even being a witch for years, things cost and it can add up, The best thing I have found to do, is to thrift and garage sale. I look for things to use that cannot be what you call “Traditional Use”. The two items below, were ugly disgustingly dirty, and just sitting in a corner wanting to be loved. less than $5 each! I saw some beauty in them if they were cleaned up, and saw a use for them, I got these two on two separate occasions, How to clean anything metal or brass especially?? Use Cascade Platinum and put them in the dishwasher,. If you don’t have a dishwasher, but them in a sink or bucket with HOT water and a Cascade Platinum tablet, it will take longer and you need to submerge if possible, but once done, OH la la!

I use the flower pot as a cauldron, I have kitty litter in the bottom, and burn incense, put charcoal tablets in etc… ;yes today I set off all the fire alarms, but my whole house was cleansed, :slight_smile:

This one I use for holding pitch wood for the woodstove…pretty isn’t she? She has ceramic delft blue handles,

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The first one looks just like a fancy cauldron! What was it supposed to be originally?

Also I love those paws!! :laughing:

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The cauldron one is originally a flowerpot

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