Travel altar ✔️

So in light of my current living predicament and the possibility of a sudden change of residence I decided to put together a travel altar for my husband and I. I’ve got all of my necessary ingredients (the ones I cant get at just any grocery store mostly) except for just a couple that should be arriving any day now, travel sized altar pieces and tools, glass bottles and jars, candles, miscellaneous little tokens for rituals and spell works, oils, travel sized wands and besoms for both of us and bandanas of various colors for altar cloths even a couple bath soak mixes and tea blends I made. All I need now is some moon water (I already have a small bottle of solar sea water in the box). They are all organized into boxes or bags and stacked in there like I was playing TetrisMy crystals and grimoires and journals will be carried in a backpack with me always for safe keeping as will my divination tools (though that was mostly just to save space since hubby doesn’t work with divination tools) I think I covered everything and I’m pretty impressed with how it worked out. But I gave it a test run today to see what it would be like because I’ve always had a large altar space and it’s going to be a BIG adjustment for me. Luckily the travel altar will be the one my hubby starts out on because he has to be discreet with his practice because of his family. :woman_facepalming:t3:
The outside looks really rough because it needs the paint and decopage refreshed and revived so excuse the distressed look (it use to be a travel fairy garden that sat on my old house front porch because the landlord wouldn’t let us put any decorations on the grass). Figured I’d share it with you guys since I came looking for advice :joy:


Looks great. Far better than my own travel altar which holds only the very bare essentials!


Great job! And much prettier/complete then mine, lol. I’ll add incense, crystals, and herbs before we leave based on what my intentions are while we are gone and what is calling to me.


It looks lovely! Chock full of interesting things!


I love your triple moon rock @IrisW I think you just inspired me to paint one of my river rocks to include in my box as well :joy: I couldn’t quite decide which herbs to make as my bare essentials so I put some into smaller plastic baggies and have them stored neatly in a small wooden box inside the toolbox. Due to not knowing when and where I’ll be relocating to and for how long I never know what kind of spell work I’ll need to do so in my ocd nature I packed small amounts of everything :woman_shrugging:t3: not too mention my altar may end up being the only part of my life that remains unchanged too much so I’m trying desperately to include as many of my smaller “homier” effects in the travel box like a magical security blanket I suppose lol

@Amaris_Bane I’m so glad you mentioned incense because I need to order some to include in mine as well :woman_facepalming:t3: thank goodness for amazon gift cards :joy::crazy_face: thanks for the reminder

@Amethyst thank you! I’m nothing if not thorough lol


Absolutely Adorable!


This is such a cute lil Alter for the Fae! :cupid::cupid: I love the thought you put into! So Inspirational for the different kind of alters. So Creative!!


I’m glad that you were inspired to make one!! It’s looks great!! I love all the thought and creativity you put into it. 🧚‍♀🧚‍♂:lion::european_castle:


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