Trigger Warning 🛡 Please help me feel safe

I’m not sure the kinds of posts you normally get, but I’m quite new to conscious Witchcraft. I have limited ingredients in right now and it’s way too late to go out.

To cut a long story short, my relationship with my partner recently broke down which has led to me staying at my step grandads house. My stepdad was… How else do you say pedophile, well that. And my grandad made, what I think he believes to be a casual “funny” comment about not needing to lock my door tonight. There is no lock on my door.

Needless to say, I’m not amused. I’m quite scared actually. I’ve lit a red candle and a green candle, and stated my intent for protection with an offering of Bay leaves. I don’t have a red Apple to hand to complete the spell. Are there any experienced witches out there who can help keep me safe, or offer alternative advice. I have put a line of salt at the door and will be getting a lock when the shops are open

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@sarah30 First, let me say the coven surrounds you in protective white light. Sounds like you have done everything to protect you and the room you’re in. I will say a prayer to Hecate to guard you and light a candle for you as well.
Love & Light


Thank you Tamera, that does help reassure me to feel under a larger force of protection. I hope you can feel my gratitude going your way, one day it will reach you. You’ll know when it does x


Welcome to the coven @sarah30! I too will be sending you love and light tonight. What a perfectly horrible thing to say to someone! I don’t know what to tell you about protection, however. Make sure you sleep with your phone on and charged up, maybe get that Aspire app for abused wives. That may help you feel more confident at least. Wish I could help more.


Dearest Sarah,
Your call for help reached me on a very visceral
level. If it’s alright, I would like to send a prayer
into the universe:

Benevolent Lady, Protector of our souls.
One of your Daughters has cried out in pain.
I sense a darkness blocking her energy.
As you have been our guide & aimed us true,
Show Sarah your sweet mercy.
Fill her with positive energy. Raise up her spirit.
We plead with you to touch her with your holy hand.
Blow your precious breath over her,
Break the cycle of darkness surrounding her.
Cleanse her mind & free her soul.
We, who ask your help, are a small group
our hearts are honest as is our intent is pure.
Reach out with us, grant your child love & hope.
Send strength to your daughter & our new sister.
As it is spoken, So let it be done.

Thank you.
We love you Sarah. :slightly_smiling_face: :pray:t4: :innocent:


Sarah you are stronger than you think! You will get through this. Look up some women’s shelters you have in the area. They usually have a hotline, call it an ask them what they can offer to you if you need to seek shelter.

Your spell has your intent you do not need all the “proper “ tools

Love and Protective Light


I am so sorry to hear about your current situation, @sarah30. In a situation where your safety is in question, I would definitely take some the non-magickal steps others have suggested into account first.

Like Kasie suggested, please keep your phone charged and at hand. If you have other family or close friends you trust, please let them know your whereabouts and the situation. Malinda had a great point about considering women’s shelters nearby.

In the current moment in time, could you potentially block the door with a piece of furniture- a chair or desk? If you do this, please be sure that you still have quick exit access (in case of a fire or other emergency).

When you have done everything mundane you can to protect yourself, there are many magickal protective spells and rituals you can then add to enhance protective energy. Here are a few:

Protection Spells

White Candle Spells for Protection

Salt Protection

I hope some of these suggestions help you get through the current moment- I would definitely urge you to begin to look into another place where you can stay and feel more comfortable asap.

Sending love, light, and wishes of safety to you! :pray:


Sarah as suggested puting something in front of the door. Also bells on door knobs helps. And sleep with a knife if you can not get out. How old are you? Sexual deviance is something that does pass on, so explains your step grandad. If your not opposed go to a church.Also your prayers can be just as strong as a ritual, rituals give you a focal point.


I blocked the door for last night, and I’ll be going to find some more protective measures from the physical realm today. Thank you guys so much for your thoughts, it’s nice to have someone on your side


I’m 31, I have been plagued with all kinds of mental illness for years over, not even repressed but unresolved problems that keep finding themselves lashing out. As a result, this time, I chose the path of spirituality. I’m trying to face my shadows and become more aware of what plagues me and fight it head on. However my environment isn’t perfect, it’s never perfect, that’s because I keep letting my demons take over, my traumas are stuck in the past, I’m somewhere between trying to go back and fix them or bring them forward and heal them. But it’s getting harder and harder with all the negative energies in this house.


And we’re on your side, never forget that. I mean it about that Aspire app, if you haven’t heard of it its an app that helps people who are being abused. It gives you tips on how to leave safely, things like that. It’s disguised as a news app so no one but you will know what it is. You can pre-program a phone number into it to let whoever know that you need help. It can be a friend or 911.

It then starts recording everything going on using your phone so the police have evidence. It’s won a lot of awards for helping people around the world escape abusive situations.

The woman’s shelter is another good idea. Just, do what you can to stay safe. I’ll be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.


You are very strong for facing your inner shadows, Sarah! I’ve also found spirituality to be a great path to take in the fight to find your inner light and guidance. May your beliefs help you to find continuous positivity and strength.

Please stay safe! Sending love and light to you :pray::heart:


There’s a lil more power underneath you now’ and I know things like that never go far from your mind. But at least you know the power is there with you!
& I hope people can feel your power’ as I do.
Thank You and Be Well and Strong (as always)
Much Love Your Way :cupid: