Trouble watching tarot course


I am trying to watch the tarot course and it tells me I need to login. I click login, it brings me to my account with my name and email address. I can get into the forum and it shows me as logged in but it won’t let me watch the tarot course. Suggestions?


@admins maybe you know?


Hello @maudot7,

Apologies for any difficulties you are experiencing with watching the tarot course, and thank you for bringing it to our attention! Let’s see what might be going on here :mag:

The main Spells8 site and forum have two separate log ins- I believe it is possible to be logged into one but not the other.

When you are on the Spells8 Homepage, can you see an “Account” button on the menu bar (see picture below)?

If you can see this, you are definitely logged in to the main Spells8 site!

If instead you see the buttons “Sign In” and “Join”, then you are not currently logged into the main site (see picture):

If this is what you are seeing, now worries! All you have to do is click “Sign In” and enter your details (if you are currently logged into the forum, it may automatically log you into the main site).

Once you have logged in, head back to the Tarot course and hit the refresh button on your browser to refresh the Tarot course page. This sometimes does the trick if you’ve been logged out! :+1:

If the above still didn’t fix the issue, may I ask what you are seeing when you click on the main page of the Tarot Course? (screenshots are super helpful if you are able to take any!) Are you able to access any part of the course?

We will get to the bottom of what is going on! :grinning:


@TheTravelWitch_Bry thank you!

I had tried to sign in a few times from the sign in link and it would show my account page but every time I went back to the course it wouldn’t let me in.

I am on my phone so I went to to the spot that would be similar to your screenshot and it worked!

Thank you!!


Thank you for linking this to the admins :star_struck:


Hi! I’m Siofra_Strega a moderator, but for the phone app, you definitely have to log into the actual site even if you are logged into the forum. Then once you are logged in, refresh by sliding down the screen & try to access the courses that way. Or at least that is how it needs to be done on my phone & I have a Samsung Galaxy through TMobile.

@Francisco may be able to give more insight if none of these options seem to help with the Tarot Course.

We will definitely figure this out for you! :smiling_face:


Thank you. I did get it working!


Yay! Thats awesome! I’m going to close this as resolved :heart:


Issue resolved :two_hearts: