Trouble with clarity

Does anyone else read tarot cards ?
So I can do a reading on anyone else and I. Spot on. I have issues though really understanding my own cards sometimes. I think my overthinking sometimes gets the best of me.
Would anyone who is a reader possibly draw for me?
I’ll be glad to do the same for anyone else. I just need a bit of an adjustment. Usually I would not ask anyone to use their energy for such matters. I just need to seek so clarity is all.
Thank you to anyone willing!!!


I dabble more with Oracle cards. I’m just getting into the tarot.if I had more experience, I’d definitely help you out! Right now, I don’t think I’d be much help.

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Hi Sarah!

I agree with you that it’s preferable to have someone else read the cards for you. It can be overwhelming when many possible intepretations are on the table. It’s not easy to objectively choose one, especially if we’re too attached to the situation!

I have done readings for members of the Forum. Click on my name and send me a private message!


It looks like you found a reader, @sarah9- you’re in the best of care with @Francisco! :flower_playing_cards::sparkles: Good luck and I hope you can find the clarity you seek :pray: Blessed Be! :two_hearts: